Good Morning Inspiration – David Willey Explodes His Condom Light Bulb On Purpose




Here’s a bit of Good Morning Awesome for you this morning — check out Mr. Mad Scientist himself, David Willey, turning a Magnum condom into a working incandescent light bulb!  David breaks the glass envelope off of an existing incandescent lamp, adds the condom over the base and filament, fills it with hydrogen, and powers that mofuka up!

Have an amazing morning!!!

(ps, I highly recommend watching this one full-screen, the format of the video is a bit smaller than you’ll like, but it is what it is and it is awesome!)

And in case you didn’t know it:


Good Morning Inspiration – 100 Black Balloons vs. 1 Blu-Ray Laser

What is better than coherent light obliterating 100 very carefully placed balloons down a hallway complete with different angles and audio that is not related to sex?

This is something that I submit to THAT list:

Wanna make one of these lil’ experiments on your own?
Go get yourself a Blu-Ray laser, some black balloons, and do it!


Buon Venerdì! 

Feliz Viernes! 

Gëzuar e premte! 

Fericit Vineri! 




Good Morning Inspiration! Berlin, from Space, at Night, from Colonel Chris Hadfield at ISS

Good morning, Earth!

An awesome piece of inspiration this morning from Canadian Colonel Chris Hadfield, Commander of the International Space Station.  Col. Hadfield took a photo of Berlin at night from the ISS (he does this all over the Earth, btw, and they’re all awesome), showing an obvious color temperature divide between the higher quality HIDs of West Berlin and the crap Sodium Vapors of East Berlin.  To look at this photo gives me inspiration, and I hope it does for all of you.  West Berlin has 43,000 sodium vapor lamps that are being phased out slowly.

Also, are you on Col. Hadfield’s Facebook?  WHY NOT?  He is AWESOME!



Good Morning Inspiration! Jack Carroll’s “Britain’s Got Talent” Appearance


Good morning, world!  I hope you woke up healthy and happy this morning, with nothing to hinder your thoughts and the sun shining on your life.

When I got out of bed this morning, my amazing wife put a glass of iced coffee and breakfast in front of me right as I sat down on the couch, and she kissed my tiredness away.  Nine seconds later, we saw this video while reading the news.  I was so inspired by that I had to share.  The video below is of 14 year old comedian Jack Carroll, who made an amazing presence on Britain’s Got Talent – and walking away with four enthusiastic YES votes and a thumbs up from Simon Cowell.

Jack, thanks a lot for the inspiration this morning.

Get out there and Carpe Diem, mophos!  Have an amazing day!

Tuesday Morning Face Rocking

Fresh from Jeff Waful‘s FOH Super Lighting Cam comes this very sick version of The Bottom Half from the Fox Theatre in Oakland, CA on March 17, 2012.

Good morning, world!!!  Have a Tuesday Morning FACE ROCKING courtesy of Umphrey’s McGee!

Something Illuminating to Start Your Day!

Good morning, everyone!  I hope that you slept well, dreamed colorfully, and awoke to a beautiful day!

Here’s something absolutely wonderful to start your day – some art, some light, and some awesome.


Thanks, LED Light Ray!

Something Illuminated to Start Your Day – Good Morning!

One of everybody’s favorite ladies of light and art (Amanda Lynne Ballard) sent me this great video – it’s actually a Tropicana OJ commercial, but it is absolutely excellent nonetheless.  Tropicana took some OJ and some illumination to Inuvik in Canada during the dark months period of no sunlight.  You know, like Ice Road Truckers Inuvik, the one in the Northwest Territories?

Check it out, and happy Tuesday!