Fresnel Stemware!

That’s right kids, Augustin Jean Fresnel would be proud!  Luca Nichetto Studios has produced a series of stemware and glasses made with the loving touch of Mr. Fresnel in mind!  From Luca Nichetto‘s website:

The Fresnel collection of stemware and glasses is distinguished by its three-dimensional decorative surface, which is derived from the Fresnel lens characterized by concentric annular sections designed for use in lighthouses as a means of radiating more light to assist with ships’ navigation. But this decoration is also functional, because it helps to increase the glassware’s resistance without compromising its slender shape or its proportions.

Awesome.  Check them out, I think they’re pretty cool!


LDDE’s SpectraWOW+ V.2.0

Remember Greg Fuller and LDDE LED fresnels?  I met Greg at LDI 2008, and he was nice enough to spend some time with us (and gave out great t-shirts) talking about the SpectraWOW+ LED fresnel.  Now Greg is selling LDDE’s new product, the SpectraWOW+ V.2.0, with updates based on feedback from LDI 2008.  Stand alone operation, DMX addressing to execute variable-speed crossfades, specific color temperatures and intensities, and pre-defined Rosco E-Colors come with the new version.  V.2.0 also features a “camera mode” – 200hz to 1000 hz can be set in this function.

Check out Greg’s offerings at European Dynamic Lighting – he’s a hell of a nice guy!  It also helps that the LDDE products rock.


Thanks, L+SA!