Nighttime Transformer Explosions in Fort Worth, Texas

Have you seen this video? If not, stop what you’re doing right now and watch. Amazing. Tragic, but amazing. From the Youtube site of user Brian Luenser, who recorded and posted the video:

This is the aftermath of a pretty brutal thunderstorm in Fort Worth Texas on May 10, 2011. It was taken from my balcony on the 34th floor of a building in Fort Worth. Though I thought we were at war or was terrorism, it was a massive series of downed 7,200 volt power lines. As I took it with my 70-200 2.8L IS lens, it is farther away than it looks. (it is 5 miles away) That is why there are not explosion sounds. This was a very well documented event. I was on my balcony to take lightning pictures (Yes, not smart) and this started happening in front of me. I turned my camera (Canon 5d MkII) to video mode and let it roll.

Crazy. There’s a bit more about the video there and the way it was recorded, too. The colors are absolutely beautiful. Almost unbelievable.  Explosions in the distance look like the explosions of war.

Watch, totally worth it: Happy Hour – Tonight! 6:30pm! Trinity Hall, Dallas!

You know you wanna come hang out with lighting people.  We are a unique blend.  Like a fine scotch whiskey that someone dumped battery acid into and made it stay up late after throwing it down the stairs!  The description above is for any non-lighting people who want to come hang out – if you like having light in the world, come down and have some fun!

The first of many Happy Hour gatherings!  Tonight, 6:30pm, Trinity Hall Pub (off of Mockingbird), come hang out with some like-minded folks!

Trinity Hall Pub is located just off of Mockingbird, literally next to the Mockingbird DART station – 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, Texas 75206. Check out Trinity Hall Irish Pub’s website, those cats are cool.

COME ON DOWN! February 2010 DFW Happy Hour!

Hey, everybody! Are you in Dallas, Fort Worth, or somewhere close to the DFW area and wanna meet some lighting folks? Come to the February 2010 DFW Happy Hour!

Let’s get together in a few weeks – February 17, 2010, around 6:30pm – and have some pints, chat about some stuff, and enjoy each other’s company! If you’re involved in the lighting industries in any capacity or you just love light, come down to Trinity Hall Pub (off of Mockingbird) and meet some fellow lighting peoples!

I figured 6:30pm to 9pm would be plenty of time, but if we party later into the evening, then that’s just a plus for all of us!

Do me a favor – post a comment below, shot me a quick email through the contact form, or RSVP on the Facebook Event page if you plan on attending. I just want to try and plan ahead. Come on down, I want to meet you all! Let’s get a huge lighting tribe going in the Dallas area!

Trinity Hall Pub is located just off of Mockingbird, literally next to the Mockingbird DART station – 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, Texas 75206. Check out Trinity Hall Irish Pub’s website, too!

Come on down, make plans, let’s get together!

Cliff Garten’s “Avenue of Light” in Fort Worth, TX

I am going to be making my way over to see this sooner than later now that we’re back in Dallas.

fort worth

Cliff Garten, the architect/sculptor guy, was commissioned to provide the series of six LED towers, each over 36 feet high.  From the city website:

Towering 36 feet above the streetscape, the Avenue of Light sculptures are comprised of 100 stainless steel plates that reflect sunlight by day and focus beams of energy-efficient LED lights at night. They’ve been installed along the median from Lamar Street to Main/Commerce Street and will be illuminated with white lights from dusk to dawn, but will include many color options to accent the avenue during holidays and other special occasions.

Cool.  Anyone been over to see this yet?