It’s Friday. Get Coffee, Then Check Out These Fixtures!

Happy Friday, everybody!

It’s been a crizizzaay week, has it not?  A lot has happened this week – all good stuff, no doubt, except for the fact that I have an ulcer, but I’m sucking it up and getting over that pronto.  When I pass, I’m half-tempted to donate my body to science so that they can all wear their hazmat suits as they dig through hundreds of productions and years of abuse living in and loving my industry.  Love it.

A good friend of mine – my favorite Mexico City resident, actually – Orquidea Vara sent me a link to these excellent lighting fixture images – all printed in 3D.  VERY cool.  I hope this gives you some inspiration on this very busy Friday!

Check out the whole set of drawings at the photostream of i.materialise.  Enjoy!

Armillary Sphere

Armillary Sphere

Brain Games

The Creation lamp

Exploding cappuccino lamp

Clone lamp

Parametric design

Medical meets Design!

Muchas gracias, Orqui!

Sunday Flickr Pool

Fantastic shots.  This week is all about color and shadow – I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed seeing them.

Oh, something awesome to share – for designers, this is about the coolest Flickr tool ever.  We all have @lekogirl (Daphne) to thank for this, as she sent me the link.  Check out the Multicolr Search Lab.  You will not regret it.

Montreal Convention Center

Montreal Convention Center


Sunday Flickr Pool

I’m posting from the general session floor of the Universal Focus on Patient Care Conference that I’m lighting here in Phoenix, AZ this week.  Lots of great stuff in the pool – keep it coming!  It’s your place to shine!  Such great photographers and light capturers contacting me lately, I’m in light nerd heaven!

Check out the Flickr Pool for more images!


Attention Aachen - Incoming!!!

Drive-Thru at Night


uncaged photons 1

Synapses' Escapade

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus-Lonely Road of Spring '09 956

The Sunday Flickr Pool Post

Two Sundays in a row, can you believe it?

I’m getting pretty anxious and excited for my journey to Sweden.  I leave on Tuesday.  I am going to miss my wife, Gracie the Beagle, and Dewey the Cat.  My wife is taking a nap right now, and my stomach is sick thinking that I won’t see them for at least four months.

In-Car Monaro Light Trails - Image 6

How My Heart Behaves

Museumnacht 2008

Check out the other great images on the JimOnLight Flickr Pool – full of awesome!

Sunday Flickr Pool Post

I have neglected the Flickr Pool post for a handful of Sundays.  I am sorry about that, everything has been super busy!

I chose 8 images, and narrowed it down to three for this week’s post.  Lexi has a photo blog (the upward facing face) that I read regularly, BazPics is always posting beautiful stuff, and Luca Pierro is a very talented photographer. Check their work out!

it rained today (229/365) by sea legs snapshots

it rained today (229/365)

1 MAJU by Luca Pierro

Too Blue for You

too blue for you by Baz Pics

too blue for you

Will Govus’ Night Photography


Will Govus is a young photog that has some really great long-exposure night images – I ran across his work after a post at DesignBoom, and I’ve been combing through his Flickr account ever since.  Will’s work is like that really smart quiet kid in high school that always broke the bell curve in Calculus class – it’s intelligent without being pompous, it’s gritty without being filthy, and it’s got soul without being a zealot.  I really like your work, Will.