No More Cyberlight, No More Studio Beam

cyber studiobeam

I just read an article at iSquint about two more fatalities in the growth of technology:  the High End Systems Cyberlight and the High End Systems Studio Beam.  ETC stopped taking orders for the Express and Expression lines in the Fall of 2008 – I assume for promote the Congo, Eos, and Ion.  As technology advances, road warrior products like the Express console, Cyberlight and Studio Beam have to take a bow and have a seat.  High End will be continuing support on the fixtures indefinitely.

These products were essential to my proverbial “teeth cutting” into the industry.  Thanks for your service!

Thanks iSquint and High End!

ETC Stops Taking Orders for Express/Expression

This is a little bit of old news (not to me, apparently) , but on the ETC Blog today I read that they have abruptly stopped taking orders for their extremely popular lighting desk lines, the Express and Expression.

Wow.  All things come to an end, huh.

Am I wrong to say that most lighting programmers cut their baby teeth on one of these?  I offer programming seminars on both of these lines, and I have the strong believe that there is not a lighting design inspiration that didn’t take place on one of these two control surface lines, some time.  Teaching students about how to write a moving light bally with focus points and finessing fade times.  Learning how to write a chase.  What the heck is a split fade?  How do I write a part cue?  All of these are questions were answered on an Express.

The Microvision FX was my first console.  How about you?