The Best Source Four Imitation EVAR

A young lighting designer that I think we all need to watch for as she progresses in her journey to become one of the great illuminateers posted one of the funniest pictures I think I’ve seen in a long time – a creative, intelligent, and shamelessly excellent representation of an ETC Source Four ellipsoidal reflector spotlight.  Daphne, this is one of the greatest costumes ever.  Thanks for letting me post these!  I just know in my heart that the ETC folks will be pleased as punch to see you were thinking of them!



SEACHANGER Wash Unit for Source Four ERS

I posted an article about the SeaChanger color engine for ETC Source Four Profiles a few days ago, and I wanted to post about one of the other accessories that is available from SeaChanger – the SeaChanger Wash Color Engine.

All you need for this accessory is the lamp base housing – that’s what makes it awesome.  The SeaChanger Wash Color Engine basically turns the Source Four lamp housing into a color mixing fresnel, with all of the same dichroic guts as the Profile color engine.  The wash barrel on the unit has a 20° to 70° zoomable beam spread, which again turns this unit into a little bit of awesome.

The next show that I spec these on, I will take a lot of pictures of the unit.  In the mean time, check out SeaChanger’s product page on this device.