InfoComm 2014 – The JimOnLight Tour!

I just combed through photos from the last six months, and I found a ton of photos from InfoComm 2014 as I walked the floor.  Check these out, we had a lot of fun at that show!  Well, except for the heat exhaustion/upper GI thing during that trip, but I guess that’s just the way she goes, as Ray would say.

Check out the virtual JimOnLight InfoComm 2014 photo tour below!
Click on any individual photo below to get the full-size David Fox badass lightbox!

LDI 2009: Elation Lighting’s Booth

One of my favorite booths this year, as in several previous years, has been the Elation Lighting booth.  It’s always ridiculously energetic, and it’s always in prime real estate at each show.  How did you guys get that spot?  Right up front?  I mean, you could not physically not see your booth if you were walking onto the show floor.  Crazy!

I love Elation’s work on their LDI booths.  Good work, folks.  Also, I loved the Impression and Impression XL – I saw them in use on Chris Kuroda’s rig for Phish in Hamptop, VA back in March 2009.  They’re a pretty cool set of fixtures.

Check out Elation’s booth pics:

The Impression – pretty cool.









Elation Lighting’s Design Panel 72IP MKII Color Wash

Lighting and Sound America had an article reviewing the new Design Panel 72IP MKII Color Wash fixture – from the review, it sounds like it’s a bright and reactive fixture with lots of potential.  L+SA mentions several aspects about the fixture, and some verbage from Elation:

“Users of outdoor lighting are demanding greater brightness,” said Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “With its 3W LEDs, the Design Panel 72IP MKII is the highest output IP-rated LED color wash we have ever developed and one of the brightest you’ll find anywhere. Its IP 65 rating makes it impervious to wet outdoor conditions. And its many design features, along with user benefits such as low energy draw, make it a great solution for a wide range of color wash applications, indoors or out.”

The Design Panel is rocking 72 of Luxeon’s K2 LEDs – 24 each of red, blue, and green – and has an IP rating of 65.  The unit is DMX controlled, or can be used in its “stand alone” mode, with 48 pre-set scenes.  You can also daisy chain 16 units together for large surfaces.


From Elation’s website on the Design Panel:

  • High Output, Outdoor Color L.E.D. Wash Panel
  • Infinite Color Possibilities (RGB Color Mixing)
  • 72 x 3W K2 LED’s (24 Red, 24 Green, 24 Blue)
  • LED Life: 100,000 Hours
  • IP 65 rated
  • Digital LED Display
  • Stand Alone & DMX Operation Modes
  • Built-in DMX 512
  • DMX Operation Modes: 3CH/4CH/6CH/15CH
  • Built-in Chase programs
  • Internal Scene & Chase Memory with Speed & Fade settings
  • Beam angle: 31°
  • Selectable Dim Modes: Standard & Linear (0-100%)
  • Unit Dimensions (LxWxH): 13.6 x 14.9 x 8 (34.1×37.2x20cm)
  • Unit weight (Lbs): 26.46lbs. (12KG)
  • Built-in Power Supply (Power Requirements: 100V-240V ~ 50/60HZ)

Check out the article at Lighting and Sound America.

LDI – Elation’s Booth

Elation Professional, a lighting company that specializes in automated fixtures and lots of LED stuff, had a great booth at LDI.  It resembled Vari*Lite’s booth a little, but was just as colorful and bright.  Check it out.

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