Carolina Fontoura’s Recycled Chain Lamps

Such a simple concept, but a beautiful one:

chain lamp1

These lamps are a sampling of Carolina Fontoura’s latest works – Carolina is a graduate of Metro State in Denver, where my pal Jacob Welch teaches.  Carolina is a Mexican-Brazilian born artist who just opened her first solo gig, “Connect,” at Mexico’s Upper Playground gallery.

These lamps are all made from bicycle chain; Victorian-esque pieces of light brilliance.  Great work, Carolina!

chain lamp

chain lamp


connect carolina

Thanks, Wallbreakers!

Pecha Kucha in Denver

On January 20, 2009, the fourth Pecha Kucha event was held in Denver at the Buntport Theatre.  Pecha Kucha means ‘the sound of conversation,’ and is fitting, as it’s a meeting for designers to get together and network.  Each designer gets 20 images at 20 seconds a piece, for a total of 6:40 each – I did a similar event called Ignite Denver a few months ago – although by the time I got to do my thing (which was held at Fado Irish Pub in Denver), I think everyone was too drunk, too loud, and not too interested in the art of lighting design to really give a damn.  Oh well.

One of the awesome aspects of the Pecha Kucha meeting is the cell phone lighting pictures that are taken – at this most recent one, attendees were asked to draw either a P, a K, or an N – at the last Pecha Kucha event, attendees were asked to spell the first letter of their names.  I think it’s a great way to remember the event!

I wonder if Lighting Designers are welcome…  Can I come to the Pecha Kucha meeting and present next time, Pecha Kucha peeps?

Thanks, PSFK!

Brady Darnell is One Big Bad Wolf

One Big Bad Wolf is a blog by Brady Darnell – Brady is an actor, director, and writer in the Denver area, and he writes mostly about the Denver theatre scene.  Brady had a great article  recently about Joe Dowling, the AD at the Guthrie, and his very ‘awesome’ salary.

As someone who lives in Denver and works in and around the area as a lighting designer and consultant, I can certainly tell you that work is hard to come by lately – me being very new to this area doesn’t help, no matter what my resume or portfolio looks like.  If you’re in the profession, it’s good to be completely up-to-date on what’s playing, who’s working, what’s working, and which theatres are hiring.  Professional theatres are folding all over the country; most recently, the long time Carousel Dinner Theatre in Akron, OH (not to be confused with the Carousel Dinner Theatre in Fort Collins, CO, which is doing okay).

It’s a designer-eat-designer economy right now.

Denver’s Botanical Gardens- 500,000 LED Sources

LEDs Mag has an article about Denver’s Botanical Gardens, and their enormous display of lights.  LED lighting, to be specific – their people have installed over 500,000 LED sources in their Christmas display.  The gardens apparently has over a million sources in their display, but only half of them are LED.

I live here in Denver, which is why this is news.  But also – in a place like Denver, why aren’t all of them LED?  If Columbus, OH can do it, why can’t we?

I also used to live in Columbus.  Really – if Columbus can do it, Denver can adapt.

Wanna go see the beautiful display?

Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield
8500 Deer Creek Canyon Road
Littleton, Colorado, USA


Web Site: