Dave Jones Talks About Thermal Design for Electronics

I’ve talked a lot about Dave Jones from time to time on – Dave is in Sydney, Australia, and he is one of my favorite nerds.  Like, way up there, near Collin Cunningham.  Yeah.  Dave knows his stuff.  It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a lot of fun to listen to, which makes me watch his spot regularly!

Dave just did another segment of his Electronics Engineering Video Blog – this time on some basic theory on calculating for thermal heatsinks for electronic gear – like LEDs and other opto-semiconductors.  Really, just put this on and go about your work.  I guarantee you’re gonna learn something awesome over your lunch hour.

Dave, you rock.  Next time I’m in Sydney, I’m SO buying you a pint, mate.

Dave Says Thermal Design Sucks, and I Agree

If you guys don’t know who Dave Jones is, you might not be as big of a nerd as me – which actually might be okay, as I am a huge nerd.  Dave Jones is an extremely smart dude who makes the Electronics Engineering Video Blog in Sydney, Australia.  Let me be the first to say that Dave, if I ever make it to Sydney or you ever make it to Dallas, I am SO gonna buy you a pint, mate.

Dave made a video blog post about lighting his brand new fancy outdoor patio with Cree XPG LEDs, and how he battled the thermal design of his custom Cree LED rig mounted in the ceiling of the patio.  Dave, you are awesome.  I watch your stuff every time you post it.

Buckle in, this video is 20 minutes long, but totally worth it.