Coldplay at Glastonbury 2011 – Monday Morning Video Love

Good morning, everyone – I trust that you had a decent weekend with at least a few hours of joy!

I got some pretty awesome video footage from reader Emily Holmden (@EmLah on Twitter) about the amazing projections at Glastonbury this year – you have to check out this video, way cool!  I also added another video for the tune “Fix You” (I like it, sorry) and its amazingly beautiful lighting looks.  Paul Normandale is Coldplay’s LD, and he never fails to rock off faces.  Awesome work, Paul.

Check out Every Teardrop is A Waterfall – AMAZING projections!

Check out Fix You – beautiful!

Coldplay, Paul Normandale, and i-Pix

On Coldplay’s recent Viva La Vida tour, LD Paul Normandale has chosen to replace the typical audience blinders with i-Pix’s BB4 fixtures.  From the article:

“The BB4 is the first unit I’ve found that offers real output, and is good enough to dispense with the often troublesome 8-Lite/scroller combination used for this application”.

The tour is contracted by Lite Alternative for the UK and European legs, and Upstaging in Chicago for the USA.

Check out these absolutely beautiful shots:

source from the i-Pix site