Carousel Dinner Theatre’s “The Buddy Holly Story”

I just opened a show that runs for about 13 weeks in Fort Collins, Colorado – Kurt Terrio’s dinner theatre, The Carousel Dinner Theatre, is going strong and producing enjoyable shows.  The one I just lit was The Buddy Holly Story, which runs until March 14, 2009.

It’s a pretty rockin’ show!  Lots of rock and roll, and an energetic cast.  Kurt’s food is good, too!

“The Producers” at Carousel Dinner Theatre in Fort Collins, CO

I just opened a production of The Producers at Carousel Dinner Theatre in Fort Collins, CO.  The actor who plays Max is fantastic, I have to mention that.  He is also SPECTACULAR at finding his light!

The Producers at Carousel opened August 1, and it runs until October 25, 2008.  The food is actually pretty good, and the show is funny!