Truss Falls at the Feast of the Pinion Party in Lages, Brazil



Well, it seems I have spoken just a moment too soon.  At least no one was hurt, apparently.  There’s not a lot of news on the accident, but it seems as though it was the design and a rigged piece of gear that failed.

In Lages, Brazil, a truss component of a stage design fell last night onto the stage deck – from the article at Porto Menina:

Lages / SC – The Central Committee Organizing (CCO) of the 25th National Party Pinion reports that the unforeseen event that occurred yesterday afternoon Tuesday (27) at about 16:30, involving the Stage National solved ASAP not affecting the show Alexandre Pires and SPC.

The problem was the breaking of a part of the column structure lighting, when changing the map of light needed to show the SPC, remembering that each show has a different map.

Also said that the show just happened in To Thwart National Stage from 22:30, as scheduled.

More news as I can find it on this accident — but I guess we have to count one for the disaster pile.

Thanks to Mike Mallinson for this one.  The original article is here.

Bop Lamp – Like A Wobbly Kid’s Punching Bag Light

Remember those inflatable punching bag things from when you were a kid?  I had one with a scary clown face on it, which makes me wonder if that’s why I am totally fight-or-flight when it comes to clowns.  Meet the Bop Lamp – a luminaire that reminds me a lot of one of those things:

It’s a lamp that will apparently right itself when it’s touched – the lamp and ballast live in the bottom of the fixture, and it playfully rocks from side to side when it’s “bopped.”  Thank goodness there’s no clowns on it.

Check out Baita Design’s website – the creator of the Bop Lamp.  Interesting wares there!

Thanks, Design Blog!

Brazil’s VJ Zaniz – Production Reel

I’ve been finding a lot of interesting digital visuals lately, as I have a weird architectural lighting project in my head.  One of the artists I’ve come across lately is Brazil’s VJ Zaniz – his work has a very interesting quality – sometimes it feels very Cubist to me, other times slightly impressionist.

Here’s a video reel:

Thanks, VJ.TV!