I’m Going Home, Ten Years Later, WOODSTOCK


Are you familiar with the band Ten Years Later?  Funny enough, it’s been about eleventy years since Woodstock, and this English blues band is still kicking your ass.

Since I’m wide the fuck awake and waiting to try to get some sleep, here’s one of my favorite tunes, I’m Going Home, as they played it live at Woodstock.  Get ready to get your ass kicked!

Thanks, Joe Bonamassa, Now I Have to Clean My Face Off the Wall

Oh my. This guy is electricity.

I’m a big fan of the blues, I’ve always wanted to hop onboard with a blues or jam band and light the living bejesus out of their show.  My very close friend Kat Dicken turned me onto this guy Joe Bonamassa this weekend, and I have to say I have listened to nothing but since Saturday night.  Hey Joe, need a lighting designer?  You, my friend, blew my brain all over my apartment with this song last night, just FYI:

Stop!” at the Royal Albert Hall:

and then of course there’s this giant tune, “The Ballad of John Henry,” also at the Royal Albert Hall:

Oof.  Wow.  I needed this music so bad, what a passionate player!  Have an amazing day, everybody!  I hope this is as inspiring to you all as it is to me!