Guess Who’s Touring? SHOWBEAM 2.5!

showbeam 2.5

The Showbeam 2.5 from Barco/High End is out rocking the road.  Butch Allen has some out with No Doubt, Loz Upton has some out with Crystal Method, and Brian Hartley has some ShowBeams out with Aerosmith.  Here’s the press release from High End Systems:

No Doubt, The Crystal Method and the upcoming Aerosmith tour have one thing in common: they all are debuting a new Barco product — the High End Systems SHOWBEAM 2.5 — in their shows.

The SHOWBEAM 2.5 is a new 2500-watt automated wash luminaire, distinguishing itself with a revolutionary Twin Beam. This feature allows for two hard-edge beams to exit the fixture on command, with variable control over the Twin Beam deviation and rotation speed — all with little brightness degradation. Users may add incremental color to the Twin Beam by using the CMY color mixing system.

No Doubt’s Lighting Designer Butch Allen says, “These lights are amazing. Well done!” Tour lighting contractor Epic Production Technologies is supplying 6 SHOWBEAM 2.5s, along with 6 High End Systems DL.3 Digital Lights. No Doubt went out on its North American tour May 2.

The Crystal Method’s LD Lawrence “Loz” Upton says, “First of all you can use SHOWBEAM 2.5 as a very powerful washlight. I love the colors, and I love the colors with the ring of LEDs and it works really well in the show with our circular trussing. The next thing is, at a moment’s notice, you can just turn on the Twin Beam effect and it’s pretty hallucinogenic because you go from a beam focus and then all of a sudden you’ve got this crazy two-beam focus that comes in, which is just awesome. It also has a cool oscillation effect. This is an effects driven show and SHOWBEAM 2.5 adds to the layers of looks to match our layers of sound. The High End Systems products are very innovative and they work well for me personally.”

Delicate Productions is the lighting contractor for the tour, which kicked off May 5 in North America. In addition to SHOWBEAM 2.5, the Crystal Method tour includes SHOWGUN, StudioPix, Axon, CLM projectors with control from a Wholehog 3 and DMX Processor 8000.

Aerosmith’s North American tour starts June 10. Lighting Designer Bryan Hartley says, “SHOWBEAM 2.5 will work out great in my design. I’m excited about using it. I needed a strong washlight and the Twin Beam is really cool. Plus it has the LED ring, which gives it a SHOWGUN look. I’ll have 10 SHOWBEAMs in my rig for the tour, and I’m psyched.”

Hartley will control the lighting with a Wholehog 3 console and a DMX 8000 processor. Creative Stage Lighting is supplying the SHOWBEAM 2.5s to Epic Production Technologies, the lighting contractor.

Creative Stage Lighting’s George Studnicky IV says, “High End Systems knows what designers want. Another year goes by and HES brings another innovation and benchmark to the table. It’s a very exciting time to be in our industry. With the further development of LEDs and the automated lighting market, there is truly a custom design to every show you see. The SHOWBEAM 2.5 with the Twin Beam effect and interesting internal wash lens adds to this ability.”

SHOWBEAM 2.5 also features a user-changeable fixed color wheel, a variable CTO and the ability to produce an 11-degree fixed hard-edge profile with fast color change and Electronic Strobe. An LED tracking system encircles the lens. The profile can be rapidly zoomed from 11 to 33 degrees.

Look for SHOWBEAM 2.5 and other Barco lighting and control products to make more headlines as the touring season hits the heights this summer.

BARCO NX-4 LEDs at Comcast’s HQ

I’ll keep my feelings for Comcast to myself, I am certainly not going to link them here.  But the huge Barco installation of NX-4 LED video panels at Comcast’s HQ is pretty freaking sweet.  I understand that it’s also the largest NX-4 install they have out.  Check out this video:

From Barco’s website – product info on the NX-4:

Barco introduces the next breakthrough in LED displays — the NX-4, the industry’s new visual standard in indoor LED technology. With its revolutionary Black LED, the NX-4 delivers the deepest black levels of any product on the market.

But the new Black LED is only one element that makes the NX-4 unique. Key advances in base materials, mechanical design and color processing have raised the bar of LED displays to new heights of image quality.

NX-4 is not simply an incremental advance in 4mm LED tile technology — it’s more, much more. In fact, the term “quantum leap” doesn’t even come close.

Key benefits include:

  • Phenomenal black levels
  • Contrast ratio of 4000:1
  • Brightness output of 2000 Nit
  • Seamless & lightweight
  • 16-bit color & grayscales
  • Consistent uniformity over time
  • Creativity options
  • Serviceable without tools

High End Systems Births the ShowBeam 2.5


One of the things about High End’s latest fixtures that I have really enjoyed seeing is the effort to add a little less utility to new fixtures, and actually make them look pretty great.  ShowGun, StudioPix, ShowPix, and now the ShowBeam 2.5 – these fixtures provide an advanced function while giving a new form to the fixture.

High End Systems and Barco have released a new bright monster luminaire, the ShowBeam 2.5.  ShowBeam features something that High End is calling the Twin Beam™ effect, which does look pretty cool.  Don’t forget the ring of controllable LEDs around the lens.  Here’s some info from the ShowBeam 2.5 product page:

The SHOWBEAM™ 2.5 is a new dedicated automated wash luminaire with a revolutionary Twin Beam™ effect.

The SHOWBEAM 2.5 features a jointly developed Philips MSR 2500-watt lamp source. A smooth field, soft-edge illumination is produced using a new radial lenticular homogenizing lens system that provides a signature look on stage. In addition, the dedicated wash light includes a user changeable fixed color wheel, a variable CTO, a full CMY color mixing system, and the ability to produce an 11-degree fixed hard-edge profile with fast color change and Electronic Strobe. The profile can be rapidly zoomed from 11 to 33 degrees.

More than just a washlight, SHOWBEAM 2.5 offers users a revolutionary patent pending effect, the Twin Beam. In this effect, two discrete hard-edge beams exit the fixture on command, with variable control over the Twin Beam deviation and rotation speed — all with little brightness degradation. Users may vary the Twin Beam by adding incremental color using the CMY color mixing system.

SHOWBEAM 2.5 also includes the renowned LED tracking system that encircles the lens, a feature that debuted with its SHOWGUN predecessor. Users may choose to use the LED tracking system alone or as a complementary ring of color to their set.


  • Proprietary Short Arc Lamp and optics produce 140,000 center lumens of light
  • 2500W wash light
  • Innovative Twin Beam effect
  • Electronic strobe
  • Quick zoom range from 11 °-33°
  • Full optical dimming and fade to black
  • Innovative LED Tracking Ring produces over 5000 lumens of RGB color. Homogenously mixed RGB LED circular array eliminates the multiple colored RGB look when white or mixed colors are produced.
  • Smooth CMY color mixing provides and infinite palette of color tracking and Independent modes selectable via DMX
  • Optical encoders automatically correct the head’s position if manually moved


  • 420° pan and 216° tilt movement
  • Auto-switching power supply
  • 200v-240v
  • DMX/RDM Connector: 5-pin XLR
  • Compliances: ETL, CE


  • Modular construction
  • Fast service design for Reflector, Condenser and Output lens
  • Electronic cooling system control
  • Stunningly fast, smooth and quiet yoke movement using proprietary multi-phase technology
  • Performance oriented exterior design prevents stray light scatter
  • Pan and tilt locks for easy transportation.

Electrical Specifications/Light Source
Power Consumption: 18 Amps at 208 V, 15 Amps at 240V

Fixture Rated Power: 2500 W
Lamp: PHILIPS MSR 2500/2 SA

Color Temperature 7000K
Barco rated Lamp Life: 1250 hrs
CRI >80
CIE X=.320; Y=.330

Mechanical Specifications:
Fixture Dimensions: mm: 596 x 605 x 925 (in: 23.5 x.23.8 x 36.4)

Road Case Dimensions: mm: 749 x 724 (in: 29.5 x 47.25 x 28.5)

Fixture Weight: 66.2kg (146 lbs.)
Shipping Weight (Road Case + fixture): 120 kg (266 lbs.)

Feaat your eyes upon the ShowBeam 2.5’s Twin Beam effect:


Barco Releases the First True Black Outdoor LED Screen


Barco’s always busy!

They’re released theT-16BK series outdoor true-black LED screen – a contrast level of 7000:1, quickly serviceable, at 6000 nits brightness.  They’ve also released the B-16, which is the mobile display version.

From the press release:

Kuurne, Belgium, 26 February 2009. Barco, a global leader in LED display solutions, is proud to present its new range of first true black outdoor LED displays, the T-16BK series. With this introduction Barco expands its existing range of black indoor LED with a range of black outdoor LED, available for the live events and fixed installations market.

Building upon its field-proven true black indoor LED range, Barco introduces the T-16BK series, the blackest 16mm outdoor displays on the market. They deliver high-resolution full color images with extreme brightness levels.

The key feature that makes the T-16BK really unique is a specially designed black lamp LED using new black epoxy and die technologies. This black lamp LED offers vastly improved contrast levels (7,000:1), unseen for any 16mm LED display on the market today. Thanks to a low weight cabinet with integrated ladder, clickable shaders, front and back access, the T-16BK series are easy and quick to service, hereby maximizing the return on investment for owners.

“After the success of our black indoor LED displays, we are pleased to present our customers with a full black outdoor LED display range,” says Carl Rijsbrack, VP product management. “Black LED displays offer deeper and richer image colors, improving the overall quality of the screen in all ambient environments. With a brightness of 6000 nits the T-16 BK can perform even in bright sunlight: so being black does not mean not being bright”.

Barco’s newest mobile LED display, the B-16, is created with these new T-16BK tiles, making it the first black mobile LED display on the market. The B-16 provides a 14 m² screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and is ready to cast all possible live HD content. The LED display comes in a fully equipped trailer with hydraulic mast and free rotation, which makes it possible for customers to show their message at any time and place, with a minimal set-up time.

Barco demonstrated the new black outdoor LED display range to the European and Asian customers for the first time during Barco’s 10th annual Rental Partner Meeting that took place 17 until 20 February in the Belgian headquarters. Over 200 customers attended the launch. US customers will get a chance to learn about Barco’s new products at the North American Rental Partner Meeting in Copper Mountains from 9 until 12 March.


Barco Releases “Transformable” LEDs


Barco has released a new device – transformable LED modules.  They just released a press release, listed below:

Kuurne, Belgium, 24 February 2009. Barco, a global leader in LED display solutions, takes creativity to the next level with the introduction of its transformable LED. Thanks to this brand new concept designers are no longer limited to traditional LED displays but can instead create any shape they dream of.

Barco takes creative LED to a complete new level with the introduction of transformable LED, a unique freeform LED concept that will amaze spectators all over the world. Barco’s transformable LED family consists of individual, compact, high quality LED pixel modules that can be used as building blocks to sculpt any design possible.

The pixel modules can be combined with a wide variety of specifically designed carriers (mechanical structures) into any shape customers desire. And even more, thanks to 16 bit per color processing, an ultra high refresh rate and Barco’s color calibration, the pixel modules perform similar to high quality LED video displays. Customers can give their audience the ultimate creative display without compromising on the image quality.

“Transformable LED is an exciting new product, unseen in the market,” comments Carl Rijsbrack, VP product management. “The pixel modules are designed to remain a stable basic component. However, the structures can be frequently transformed into new shapes, trends and needs providing the best possible return on investment for our customers. We will keep updating and expanding our carrier portfolio to offer our customers unlimited creativity options, now and in the future.”

Barco demonstrated the transformable LED family to its European and Asian customers for the first time during Barco’s 10th annual Rental Partner Meeting, that took place 17 until 20 February in the Belgian headquarters Over 200 customers attended the launch. US customers will get a chance to learn about Barco’s new products at the North American Rental Partner Meeting event in Copper Mountains, from March 9 until 12.


BARCO and Magic Monkey Create an Architectural Fairy Tale

Barco, Electrabel, and Magic Monkey put on a display that just closed yesterday – a magical display of LED wonderment and architectural beauty.  Check out the press release from Barco:

Barco, a global leader in LED technology, is proud to announce that its creative LED MiSTRIP has been chosen for the Electrabel Nights in Brussels. From 28 November to 28 December 2008, the Grand Place is the setting for a spectacular sound and light spectacle designed and produced by Magic Monkey and showing Barco’s MiSTRIP at its best.

Every year in December, the city of Brussels organizes Winter Wonders, a special Christmas event that entices about three million visitors who come and enjoy the extensive cultural program and the Christmas market. For this special occasion, Electrabel, Belgium’s main energy producer and distributor, organizes the Electrabel Nights on the Grand Place.

This year’s design transforms the Grand Place into a magical forest, complete with mythical animal sounds. Groups of MiSTRIP masts are scattered all around the twenty meter high Christmas tree, giving the audience the chance to walk around as if they are actually in the forest. The masts can be seen from every corner of the Grand Place fully integrating the public in a 3D performance.

To complete this experience, each mast is also equipped with 2 speakers. The soundtrack, specially composed for this occasion, plays simultaneously with the MiSTRIP video, turning the show into a sensorial experience for everyone passing by. “This show is a new cutting edge step in the architectural lighting by integrating the actual environment and including the public into the show”, says Marc Largent from Magic Monkey. “Even though the centre of Brussels is extremely busy during the Christmas period, the Grand Place offers a heaven of tranquility for the visitors to relax while watching this modern fairy tale.”

“Barco’s MiSTRIP allows us to push our designs as far as possible,” concludes Marc Largent. “Their flexibility creates unlimited possibilities, and we designers are very lucky to have creative LED tools like the MiSTRIP available on the market today.”

The evening program starts at 16h30, but thanks to the high brightness of the MiSTRIP, an ambient version of the show can also be seen during the day on the Grand Place.

The MiSTRIP product page is here.  Also, check out Magic Monkey‘s site- they design a lot of really beautiful stuff.

HEY! ShowGun 2.5 is Shipping!

Who’s buying me one?  Santa, can I append my list?!

From the press release:

Barco, a global leader in Video Lighting Solutions, announces the release of a new High End Systems automated luminaire.

The new version of SHOWGUN, the SHOWGUN 2.5 automated luminaire, begins shipping today. SHOWGUN 2.5 offers 30 percent more photonic output than its predecessor via a new 2500-watt Philips MSR lamp source producing 130,000 lumens of light. High End Systems co-developed the lamp with Philips.

The SHOWGUN 2.5 automated luminaire is a hybrid spot/wash beam combination which provides entertainment lighting design possibilities in three dimensions: first, in the air with hard or soft-edge beams; second, with images projected on the stage surface; and third, at the SHOWGUN fixture itself by using an innovative LED Tracking System. SHOWGUN 2.5 produces a true focused hard-edge (for projecting LithoPattern images) or brilliant soft-edge, without the need for two fixture types.

The LED Tracking System encircles the lens, allowing the user to either match the color of the main output beam or to project a complementary color. The LED tracking system alone provides 5000 lumens of output.

SHOWGUN is being specified on a number of televised awards shows, game shows, sports events and concert stages around the world. SHOWGUN 2.5 was recently unveiled in a sneak preview to the professional lighting industry at the LDI 2008 show in Las Vegas.

Media contact:
Debi Moen, marketing communications specialist
Media & Entertainment Division, Barco Inc.
+1.512.836.2242 x 1204

Finland Has “Idols,” and Showguns

Did you know about this?  FInland has an “Idol” like show, and they’re using some Showguns and some Showpix in their rig.  From the press release from Barco (thanks, Debi!):

The formula is the same: the wannabe stars sing their hearts out for a chance at being the final winner of the “Idol” title. The TV talent series has its own versions in countries around the world.   Finland’s 2008 “Idols” used 6 High End Systems SHOWGUN automated luminaries throughout the series, adding 10 SHOWPIX pixilation luminaires recently for the final broadcast. Moving Light Oy supplied the HES products.

Lighting operator Mikki Kunttu says, “The SHOWGUN is really the best possible fixture for TV. I love that super high power beam it produces. Also, the strobes (beam and LED) are really amazing on TV. The SHOWGUNs are there for the power they have. They also add an extra dimension to the lighting, giving the stage more depth and more attitude.”

LDI 2008 – Coemar’s Booth

Coemar had a pretty kickin’ booth this year at LDI. Coemar, Elation, Chauvet, and Vari*Lite had great booths. Actually, a lot of people had great booths. Barco and PRG’s booths were equally as excellent, and the people at PRG and Barco were extremely friendly and helpful. Martin’s booth was interesting as always – but in addition to the beautiful fixtures on display, I got snubbed a lot, and all I wanted to do was talk to someone about the Mac III. I’ve been using Mac 2000’s of both spot and wash flavors for years. I was bummed to get snubbed.

Rant over. Here’s Coemar’s booth. I do recommend checking out their new Infinity series luminaires. They’re pretty darned bright. Check out the Infinity Wash S, the Infinity Spot S, and the Infinity ACL.

And yeah. The Infinity ACL has a 6° spread. Crazy.

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Barco’s DML-1200

Okay.  If I wanted to make my blog look like a cheap R-rated piece of crap, I would be saying HOLY SH%&, SONOFAB&%$, MOTHERF%$#*&^%^$%, and few other choice phrases about what I just read and saw.  Amazing.  I am so freaking thrilled right now, becauseI have always wanted the kind of lumen magic that a Catalyst provides when hooked into something like a Christie X-10, but then throw it on a yoke.

This is what I read.  It’s the product page on the Barco DML-1200.  It’s a 12,000 lumen digital light.  You have to see the specs:

The DML-1200 is the first moving digital luminaire which can truly be used as both a super bright, moving light source and a high quality video projector.

In light mode, the DML-1200 produces a perfectly circular light beam with a light output equivalent to that of a 1200W hard edged moving light – 12.000 field lumens and the brightest digital light on the market today.

In video mode, the DML-1200 features a fully sealed DLP engine which delivers full color DLP quality video with SXGA+ (1400 x 1050 pixel) resolution. With a light output of 10,000 center lumens, the DML-1200 is the brightest digital light on the market today.

An internal optical dimming mechanism ensures smooth, accurate intensity control from 0 to 100% ensuring that that your fade to black is a true black, not video black (grey).

Being digital, lighting designers are no longer limited to static, pre-selected patterns and colors. Any image, static or animated can be created and projected. All images are generated by the onboard media player, controlled by DMX512 or artnet protocol, from the lighting console.

With its brightness, unlimited image selection and the ability to seamlessly switch between video projection and light mode, cue by cue, the DML-1200 provides designers pure creativity at their fingertips delivering a truly unique show for every event, client and purpose.

The DL2, awesome.  It’s 6500 lumens.  The DL1?  I’ve used it a bunch, not a lot, but it’s 5500 lumens.  We’re talking twice a DL1.  It makes me wonder how all of the concert goer experiences I had in the early part of the 21st century would have been with 10,000 lumens of video.  Wow.

That’s pretty awesome, Barco.  So now my imaginary dream rig has some of these and some Bad Boys.

Go check out some video on this monster.