High End’s Pixellage Software

High End Systems and Barco have released some software called Pixellage – the software allows the user/designer/programmer to apply an image across several of High End’s pixel luminaires, like ShowPix and StudioPix.

From the press release:

Barco, a global leader in video and lighting solutions, today announces the release of Pixellage, a new software feature for two High End Systems Pixelation Luminaires. This feature allows the SHOWPIX and StudioPix luminaires to display one image across multiple fixtures, providing an eye-catching stage presence, especially on television and for outdoor daytime events. The SHOWPIX and StudioPix luminaires are hybrid LED wash lights and graphic image display fixtures.

When Pixellage is used in conjunction with the latest version of High End Systems’ Echo software, users can easily divide a single piece of content into discrete files and assign each portion to different fixtures for output. This interactive process uses templates, alignment tools and media manipulation functions to provide lighting professionals with the power to create striking imagery across multiple fixtures. The procedure is streamlined with a familiar user interface and simple controls. Once created, the individual files are uploaded to the fixtures and are then ready for playback to create one combined image.

“The Pixellage feature brings the power and flexibility to the Pixelation Luminaire family that the Collage Generator feature brought to the digital lighting family,” noted Chris Colpaert, VP Creative Lighting. “It’s a remarkably creative addition to the lighting professional’s toolbox.”

The Pixellage feature, which previewed at the LDI 2008 trade show in Las Vegas, is now available for download on the Barco website and from



Barco Releases the First True Black Outdoor LED Screen


Barco’s always busy!

They’re released theT-16BK series outdoor true-black LED screen – a contrast level of 7000:1, quickly serviceable, at 6000 nits brightness.  They’ve also released the B-16, which is the mobile display version.

From the press release:

Kuurne, Belgium, 26 February 2009. Barco, a global leader in LED display solutions, is proud to present its new range of first true black outdoor LED displays, the T-16BK series. With this introduction Barco expands its existing range of black indoor LED with a range of black outdoor LED, available for the live events and fixed installations market.

Building upon its field-proven true black indoor LED range, Barco introduces the T-16BK series, the blackest 16mm outdoor displays on the market. They deliver high-resolution full color images with extreme brightness levels.

The key feature that makes the T-16BK really unique is a specially designed black lamp LED using new black epoxy and die technologies. This black lamp LED offers vastly improved contrast levels (7,000:1), unseen for any 16mm LED display on the market today. Thanks to a low weight cabinet with integrated ladder, clickable shaders, front and back access, the T-16BK series are easy and quick to service, hereby maximizing the return on investment for owners.

“After the success of our black indoor LED displays, we are pleased to present our customers with a full black outdoor LED display range,” says Carl Rijsbrack, VP product management. “Black LED displays offer deeper and richer image colors, improving the overall quality of the screen in all ambient environments. With a brightness of 6000 nits the T-16 BK can perform even in bright sunlight: so being black does not mean not being bright”.

Barco’s newest mobile LED display, the B-16, is created with these new T-16BK tiles, making it the first black mobile LED display on the market. The B-16 provides a 14 m² screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and is ready to cast all possible live HD content. The LED display comes in a fully equipped trailer with hydraulic mast and free rotation, which makes it possible for customers to show their message at any time and place, with a minimal set-up time.

Barco demonstrated the new black outdoor LED display range to the European and Asian customers for the first time during Barco’s 10th annual Rental Partner Meeting that took place 17 until 20 February in the Belgian headquarters. Over 200 customers attended the launch. US customers will get a chance to learn about Barco’s new products at the North American Rental Partner Meeting in Copper Mountains from 9 until 12 March.


Barco Releases “Transformable” LEDs


Barco has released a new device – transformable LED modules.  They just released a press release, listed below:

Kuurne, Belgium, 24 February 2009. Barco, a global leader in LED display solutions, takes creativity to the next level with the introduction of its transformable LED. Thanks to this brand new concept designers are no longer limited to traditional LED displays but can instead create any shape they dream of.

Barco takes creative LED to a complete new level with the introduction of transformable LED, a unique freeform LED concept that will amaze spectators all over the world. Barco’s transformable LED family consists of individual, compact, high quality LED pixel modules that can be used as building blocks to sculpt any design possible.

The pixel modules can be combined with a wide variety of specifically designed carriers (mechanical structures) into any shape customers desire. And even more, thanks to 16 bit per color processing, an ultra high refresh rate and Barco’s color calibration, the pixel modules perform similar to high quality LED video displays. Customers can give their audience the ultimate creative display without compromising on the image quality.

“Transformable LED is an exciting new product, unseen in the market,” comments Carl Rijsbrack, VP product management. “The pixel modules are designed to remain a stable basic component. However, the structures can be frequently transformed into new shapes, trends and needs providing the best possible return on investment for our customers. We will keep updating and expanding our carrier portfolio to offer our customers unlimited creativity options, now and in the future.”

Barco demonstrated the transformable LED family to its European and Asian customers for the first time during Barco’s 10th annual Rental Partner Meeting, that took place 17 until 20 February in the Belgian headquarters Over 200 customers attended the launch. US customers will get a chance to learn about Barco’s new products at the North American Rental Partner Meeting event in Copper Mountains, from March 9 until 12.


DMX Processor 8000

I saw these at LDI (and I apparently did not win one via the card drawing that was held, sigh), and there is a press release pimping the new v3.0 software, and the fact that they’re shipping.  The DMX Processor 8000 is the new big bad wolf of DMX processing.  Get an expander, and you can do up to 16 universes.

From the product page:

The DMX Processor 8000 adds extraordinary DMX processing capabilities to the Wholehog line.  With no compromise to Flying Pig Systems’ exacting standards, its longevity, quality and innovation are assured to set new standards.

The Wholehog DMX processor 8000 provides the output power for Wholehog systems. The Wholehog Operating System doesn’t limit you to a fixed number of DMX channels – just add as many DMX processor 8000s as needed (along with an Ethernet switch) to supply the specified number of DMX universes for the production or installation.

With an unprecedented amount of computing power, the DMX Processor 8000 manages 16 DMX universes with ease while expanding the power and reliability of the Wholehog control system as a whole. By providing both standard XLR and Art-Net output at a steady rate, the possibilities for lighting design are truly endless with the DMX Processor 8000.


  • Eight 5-pin XLR DMX 512 outputs
  • Expandable to 16 via USB Expander or Widgets
  • Sixteen universes of DMX via Art-Net output
  • Powerful distributed processing of cross-fades and effects
  • Local interface with LCD screen and buttons for configuration and testing
  • DMX status and test facilities
  • All functions are configurable remotely
  • Firmware remotely upgradeable over network


  • 2.0 GHz Intel Dual Core processor with 1 GByte RAM and 1 GByte Flash
  • Gigabit ethernet
  • Dual Ether-Con connectors (Hog-Net and Art-Net)
  • White LED backlit graphic LCD for graphical user interface
  • Comprehensive LED status feedback
  • Connectors: 8 5-pin XLR, 1 EtherCon for Hog-Net, 1 EtherCon for Art-Net, 2 USB-A
  • Auto-ranging mains input (90-250V AC)
  • Locking IEC connector
  • Precision machined Aluminium panel with wear-resistant anoprinted legends
  • 1U 19″ rack unit, 11″ deep
  • Kensington Security Slot
  • Compatible with Wholehog 3, Road Hog Full Boar, Hog iPC, Hog 3PC
  • HEY! ShowGun 2.5 is Shipping!

    Who’s buying me one?  Santa, can I append my list?!

    From the press release:

    Barco, a global leader in Video Lighting Solutions, announces the release of a new High End Systems automated luminaire.

    The new version of SHOWGUN, the SHOWGUN 2.5 automated luminaire, begins shipping today. SHOWGUN 2.5 offers 30 percent more photonic output than its predecessor via a new 2500-watt Philips MSR lamp source producing 130,000 lumens of light. High End Systems co-developed the lamp with Philips.

    The SHOWGUN 2.5 automated luminaire is a hybrid spot/wash beam combination which provides entertainment lighting design possibilities in three dimensions: first, in the air with hard or soft-edge beams; second, with images projected on the stage surface; and third, at the SHOWGUN fixture itself by using an innovative LED Tracking System. SHOWGUN 2.5 produces a true focused hard-edge (for projecting LithoPattern images) or brilliant soft-edge, without the need for two fixture types.

    The LED Tracking System encircles the lens, allowing the user to either match the color of the main output beam or to project a complementary color. The LED tracking system alone provides 5000 lumens of output.

    SHOWGUN is being specified on a number of televised awards shows, game shows, sports events and concert stages around the world. SHOWGUN 2.5 was recently unveiled in a sneak preview to the professional lighting industry at the LDI 2008 show in Las Vegas.

    Media contact:
    Debi Moen, marketing communications specialist
    Media & Entertainment Division, Barco Inc.
    +1.512.836.2242 x 1204

    Barco’s DML-1200

    Okay.  If I wanted to make my blog look like a cheap R-rated piece of crap, I would be saying HOLY SH%&, SONOFAB&%$, MOTHERF%$#*&^%^$%, and few other choice phrases about what I just read and saw.  Amazing.  I am so freaking thrilled right now, becauseI have always wanted the kind of lumen magic that a Catalyst provides when hooked into something like a Christie X-10, but then throw it on a yoke.

    This is what I read.  It’s the product page on the Barco DML-1200.  It’s a 12,000 lumen digital light.  You have to see the specs:

    The DML-1200 is the first moving digital luminaire which can truly be used as both a super bright, moving light source and a high quality video projector.

    In light mode, the DML-1200 produces a perfectly circular light beam with a light output equivalent to that of a 1200W hard edged moving light – 12.000 field lumens and the brightest digital light on the market today.

    In video mode, the DML-1200 features a fully sealed DLP engine which delivers full color DLP quality video with SXGA+ (1400 x 1050 pixel) resolution. With a light output of 10,000 center lumens, the DML-1200 is the brightest digital light on the market today.

    An internal optical dimming mechanism ensures smooth, accurate intensity control from 0 to 100% ensuring that that your fade to black is a true black, not video black (grey).

    Being digital, lighting designers are no longer limited to static, pre-selected patterns and colors. Any image, static or animated can be created and projected. All images are generated by the onboard media player, controlled by DMX512 or artnet protocol, from the lighting console.

    With its brightness, unlimited image selection and the ability to seamlessly switch between video projection and light mode, cue by cue, the DML-1200 provides designers pure creativity at their fingertips delivering a truly unique show for every event, client and purpose.

    The DL2, awesome.  It’s 6500 lumens.  The DL1?  I’ve used it a bunch, not a lot, but it’s 5500 lumens.  We’re talking twice a DL1.  It makes me wonder how all of the concert goer experiences I had in the early part of the 21st century would have been with 10,000 lumens of video.  Wow.

    That’s pretty awesome, Barco.  So now my imaginary dream rig has some of these and some Bad Boys.

    Go check out some video on this monster.

    Looks Like The Sacremento Kings ALSO Thought This Was Worthwhile

    Remember when the Utah Jazz added all of that automation to their lighting and audio system for their games? It looks like the Sacremento Kings stole the idea…  It has been added to “boost the theatrical value” of the home games for the fans.

    From the article:

    The system, Germann said, “features two types of lighting instruments — one that can project full motion and real-time video on any surface (such as the court), and one designed specifically to cut through ambient and bright light, so fans can still see moving light even when the lights are up.”

    My guess is DL2‘s or DL3‘s, maybe DML-1200’s, and some kind of hard edged yoke – like one of the new Clay Paky heads.  I could be wrong about the moving heads, but I bet I’m pretty close on the projector heads…

    SHOWBEAM 2.5

    Behold – a new line in the Show_____ series of High End fixtures – the ShowBeam 2.5 automated wash luminaire.  It’s got the LEDs around the lens.  it’s got the 2500W medium source rare-earth arc lamp (that’s MSR to the non-dorks), beam fx, and just general badassery.

    Check out the demo video here.

    BARCO Acquires High End Systems


    BARCO has acquired Austin, TX based High End Systems for about fifty five million bucks. High End Systems, for those who don’t know, is a moving light and automated technologies company that all lighting designers in the industry have or will have at some point encounter their gear. From the article at Blue Room Forums, it looks like BARCO is pretty excited to get their name on HES and release technologies together:

    Stephan Paridaen, President of Barco’s Media and Entertainment division states: “We are proud and excited about joining forces with the leading player in the digital lighting market. High End’s differentiated product line-up and recent product introductions are clearly proof of their market-led vision and strong R&D focus. We look forward to introducing many new and exciting products into the converged lighting/video space together.”

    “The acquisition is a great outcome for the employees of High End Systems and we are confident that the combined creativity and customer focus of Barco and High End Systems will deliver superior technology for the global entertainment markets,” said Merritt Belisle, Chairman of High End Systems, Inc.

    BARCO is a global technology company that produces a lot of multimedia equipment and technologies. The acquisition of HES will be an interesting bit of change, and I for one am interested in seeing how this impacts the lighting industry, especially with regards to media servers and digital lighting.

    The link from above was actually from, not Blue Room.