Arduino Light Painting

After the Roomba Light Painting article from this morning, I got a bit jazzed about checking out some inspiring light painting articles.

I ran across this one from one of my favorite blogs, Hack-N-Mod, about using an arduino chip to make some excellent pieces of long-exposure light art.  The artist who they feature in the article, Kim Pimmel, used some pretty simple arduino rocking to make some beautiful art.  Some of this stuff is just amazing.

That screenshot above is from Kim Pimmel’s Flickr photostream of some of his light art with Arduino.  Amazing.

Here’s a video of some of that work – WELL worth your time!  Be inspired!

Light Drive from Kim Pimmel on Vimeo.

Thanks, Hack-N-Mod!

Jakub’s Almost Light Theremin (If Theremin Could Do Video)

A guy named Jakub Koźniewski created something quite awesome – using photocells, Arduino, a real-time audio synthesizer called Supercollider, and the Processing environment, Jakub created a pretty excellent audio and video controller.

I wrote about the Processing environment a while ago, in relation to a project called MSAFluid.  It’s worth checking out the Processing and Supercontroller websites if you’re a geek like me.

This thing is awesome, Jakub.  Great work.  Check out Jakub’s Vimeo channel – cool stuff.

Here’s the original video of Jakub’s work, this set not quite as detailed as the one above:

Thanks a lot, Make Mag.  This is why I love your blog so much.  Original post on the Arduino Forums.

Christmas Lights – With A Mind of Their Own

I just found a video of a really kitchy and pretty funny xmas lighting display – I just wonder what the control systems for these crazy installs are!  Do you think this is DIY, arduino controlled?  Would it not be just wicked to hook a Hog III up to your house?!

The music is pretty cool, give it the two minutes to watch.

Thanks, Responsive Arts!

64 RGB LED Table Project – Wow.

rgb led table

Hacked Gadgets user Edo from Germany made this pretty fantastic RGB LED table using 5mm RGB LEDs and some Arduino microcontrollers.  He has some fading color sequences, some equalizer bar sequences, and perhaps my favorite FX – the table responds to acceleration.  When you tip it one way or another, it responds.  Edo, you officially rock.

rgb led table

Edo speaks on Hacked Gadgets:

“My name is Edo, I am a 23 years old from Hamburg Germany and I’m studying computer science at the Hamburg university of applied science. I used one Arduino Duemilinove to control 12 TLC5940 Chips. There is is one 5mm RGB LED in each of the 64 sections. The dimensions of the Table are 50×50×12 centimeters The cladding is made of self brushed aluminum. In the future I’d like to take an Arduino BT to program the table wirelessly.”

I can’t wait to see what you come up with next, brother.  Check out these videos of Edo’s work – it’s good stuff!

rgb led table

Thanks, Hacked Gadgets!

DIY LED Table Ikea Hack

An Ikea hack, now with arduino!

I read about this hack on the Apartment Therapy Unplugged website – it’s an Ikea Granas table with 81 ShiftBrite RGB LED modules under the glass in a matrix.  An arduino chip controls the LEDs and outputs a hue-saturation-value and RGB sine wave.  The project as a whole costs about $350, but what a project!

Here’s the original article – the parts links are above.

RGB LED table

RGB LED table

ikea granas


Blinking an LED with an Arduino

Do you know what an arduino is?  Arduino is a simple controller used to create interactive environments and devices – it’s open source, very easily programmable , and used in a ton of applications – I’ve seen everything from using an arduino in a Valentine’s Day display (video below) to a simple temperature sensor.

Arduinos are a pretty interesting part of the Make philosphy, which spotlights building and creating/inventing things and gadgets to do things for you – and just to create something pretty awesome, most of the time.  I love one of the phrases that “Makers” say:  If you can’t open it, you don’t own it. Great philosphy!  Hack it, make it your own, that’s what I say!  There is a ton of arduino support online.

Make posted a video on Youtube about using an arduino for a project of making an LED blink.  There’s some programming, some set up, and a whole lot of showing how easy this stuff is.  Check out the video below – and below that is the video on making the Valentines’ Day project.

You know what kind of a jerkface I am?  I bought tickets to go out with my buddies to The Disco Biscuits on Valentines’ Day without even thinking about it.  I’m sorry, honey.  Sometimes I don’t think! 🙂