April 2013’s Top 20 Posts

April 2013 has not been a fully happy period in our industry, at least on the accidents front.  Unfortunately I have to report that a lot of the top 20 posts that were read in 193 countries all over the world were stories I reported where injury or death to our stage hand brothers and sisters.  At least their names will never be forgotten, at least by me.  Ever.  In order to go where we’re going, we have to remember how we got here.  It’s not all negative, but get ready to relive some disaster in our business.

The most read post in April of 2013 from

A Rigger Dies after a 100 Foot Fall at AT&T Center in San AntonioRIGGERS-NOT-SKYDIVERS

April 2013’s Most Read Post #2:

April 2013’s Most Read Post #3:
San Antonio Rigger Falls 100 Feet to Death at AT&T Center

April 2013’s Most Read Post #4:
Lighting 101:  Luminance VS. Illuminance

April 2013’s Most Read Post #5:
New Footage of the Demolition of the Famous Texas Stadium

April 2013’s Most Read Post #6:
Let’s Be Safer, At Least in the Entertainment Industry

April 2013’s Most Read Post #7:
A Time-Lapse of the Maroon 5 Overexposed Tour Load-In

April 2013’s Most Read Post #8:
Memorial Fund Established for Dean Williams, Rigger Who Fell at AT&T Center in San Antonio

April 2013’s Most Read Post #9:
UPDATE – Ultra Music Festival LED Wall Accident

April 2013’s Most Read Post #10:
Jim Hutchison Leaves CAST Software, Opens Lumen Buddha Studios, A Lighting Industries Think-Tank and Design Studio

April 2013’s Most Read Post #11:
INDUSTRY ACCIDENT – Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Video Wall Falls on Workers

April 2013’s Most Read Post #12:
Something Horribly Wrong is Going On at Wicked Lasers, UPDATED

April 2013’s Most Read Post #13:
Recommended Reading on JOL!

April 2013’s Most Read Post #14:
Radiohead Stage Collapse in Toronto — 1 Dead, 3 Wounded

April 2013’s Most Read Post #15:
Gaffers and Grips — DIY Gaff Tape Key Fob

April 2013’s Most Read Post #16:
LER:  Luminaire Efficacy Rating

April 2013’s Most Read Post #17:

April 2013’s Most Read Post #18:
LED Freerunning:  Lighting Emitting Dudes

April 2013’s Most Read Post #19:
Mycena Lux Coeli — The Coolest Mushroom I Have Ever Seen!

April 2013’s Most Read Post #20:
Pilobolus’ Shadowland Review
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LED Pilot’s Flashlight

The tools blog Cool Tools had an article about this LED pilot’s flashlight.  It has twenty bright white LED’s and six red LED’s for low-light environments – cockpits for pilots, and more referenceable, FOH or onstage for the lighting professionals.  It’s not expensive, at $17.95.  I paid three dollars more than that to convert my LED Maglite.

  • Powerful 26 Super-bright LED Flashlight – 20 White / 6 Red
  • 2 Color Design – White LEDs for general use / RED LEDs for preserving night vision
  • For Pilots, Flight Crews, Police, Fire, EMS, Military, Hunters, Camping or anyone needing to see at night but preserve night vision
  • Anondized aluminum body, 2 position pushbutton switch
  • Packaged WITH 3 AAA (included) and hand strap

Check it out on Amazon:  LED Pilot’s Flashlight