Sebastian Brajkovic’s Lathe-Made Lamp

This is a pretty cool lamp, I must say!  Dutch designer Sebastian Brajkovic has created this, and a bunch of other very beautiful lathed pieces, for the New York Pavilion of Art and Design Show in the city.  The PAD show is Friday 11th November through Monday 14th November, 2011.  There are going to be some pretty cool pieces of work at the show, so if you’re around during that time, I highly recommend checking it out!

Sebastian’s lamp is lathed from aluminum and hard anodized – lovely work!

This is another piece from the Lathe series – it’s a beautiful console wall table called, funny enough, “console.”


Thanks, DesignBoom!

Yaacov Kaufman’s Aluminum Lamps

Israeli designer Yaacov Kaufman has produced a series of aluminum fixtures being shown in the New Gallery in Tel Aviv.  The pieces are pretty interesting – Design Boom says that they’re all one-offs and prototypes.  They have a lot of life to them despite the aluminum construction.  Check out Yaacov Kaufman’s portfolio and work on his website.





Thanks, Design Boom!

The Eureka Light

It looks like Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee weren’t as innovative as I thought – at least first anyway.  Sander Mulder, one of the two designers collaborating on the now defunct Buro Vormkrijgers (the other being Dave Keune, who I will write about later in the week) designed a very similar device – the Eureka Lamp.

From Sander Mulder’s Eureka product page:

Made from a laser cut sheet of aluminum, in combination with a high power led, this clever designed lamp operates on 2 button cells.

This sophisticated promotional gift, introduces the public to the possibilities of the new generation of power led’s; they are small, power efficient and virtually indestructible.

As a design object in traditional postcard format, it can be shipped by regular mail to your family, friends and relations. Made from off-the-shelves parts, combined with a sheet of aluminum in a clever way, it transforms with one single twist into an ambient lighting fixture.

Camping, in a closet, behind Dimmer Beach, or anywhere else you can think to need extra illumination – a great idea by an interesting designer.  I’ll be chronicling more of Sander Mulder and Dave Keune’s design work in the up-and-comings.