Jonas Wannfors’ Krystall Chandelier

This thing is extremely cool – check out Swedish designer Jonas Wannfor’s Krystall Chandelier:

I love the new-age look of this fixture!  I really want to put a lux meter near it and see what kind of output it has.

It’s essentially a big fiber optic chandelier – the light pump is hidden up inside the aluminum cowling on the top there, and the light refracts through the acrylic rods.  Each rod is heated to create some little facets or fractures to make the rods glow brighter.  Pretty awesome!  Very new age.

I highly recommend checking out Jonas Wannfors’ website, regardless of the fact that there is nothing there.  You can check out another Jonas Wannfors’ project, The Swedes, which is an artistic collaborative he started with Jessica Fryklund and Love Neuschütz.

Krystall Chandelier is a bit way out of my price range, at $1395.00, at Y Lighting.  They are offering free shipping though, there’s that.  Someday I’ll make enough to be able to buy stuff like that!

Macoto Murayama’s “Inorganic Flora”


Japanese artist Macoto Murayama has produced a beautiful set of negative-based pieces of light art called Inorganic Flora: A New Form of Plant Depiction that Transcends Accepted Horizons of Botanical Illustration.  The work is an acrylic medium set, and pretty stunning in my very humble opinion.

Who am I kidding, my opinion isn’t humble!  Check out the works below – fantastic!  Murayama talked about them in a recent press release as well – photos below the information:

Generally plants are considered to be livings things with organic forms. However, this is only one of their sides, since they have conflicting elements in geometrical and mechanical structures along with an organic form. By featuring the inorganic elements of plants, the plants present figures that differ from the norm. Thereby enabling the viewer to discover some distinct and appealing points. In the first place people are apt to be fascinated by things which we see superficially. However, there may be more important and truly essential aspects inside things. It may apply to a plant too. There is beauty not only on superficial part but also at internal part as well. I want to show fascinating world of plants that differs from usual.

Inorganic Flora:








Thanks, DesignBoom!