20×2 NEEDS OUR HELP! Please RT, and OFTEN.

So you guys might remember when I did a guest spot at 20×2 in Austin, during the SXSW Interactive Conference a few years back.  Here’s my presentation for the 20×2 Festival to refresh your memory:

20×2 is a volunteer thing – an awesome thing – and it’s a thing that is very jam-packed with very awesome and intelligent people.  Mark Couvillion, one of the creators of 20×2, has reached out for some help this year.  Mark needs someone to help him broadcast and record the 20×2 show happening at Skinny’s this year, on March 9.  This is on FRIDAY of this week.  This year’s question that the list of folk need to answer is:  How Did I Get Here?

Look – if you’re going to be around the Austin area on Friday night, March 9, and you happen to have some gear that could make something like this possible, can you contact Mark Couvillion pronto?  Mark is on Twitter at @chimchim, or you can email him directly here.  Mark and his wife just had a baby, so as you can imagine, he has no time.  Please help him out if you can.  I owe you one. This is a volunteer opportunity, but it’s one of the more prestigious ones you’ll do.  If you can’t but know someone who might be able to help out, please tell them to get ahold of me or Mark ASAP.


Jim Hutchison’s 20×2 Presentation at SXSW 2010

I have missed my blog.  I have been so incredibly busy working on a secret project to be released soon, working for CAST Software, and researching posts for  I don’t remember being this busy, even when I was trying to light a show and write my Master’s thesis.  I hope that everyone is doing great, and that your 2010 has been stellar thus far!

This last weekend I went down to South By Southwest Interactive in Austin, TX – I presented at the tenth anniversary show for 20×2 – twenty speakers had two minutes to answer one question.  This year’s question was “Who Loves Ya Baby?” and there were twenty absolutely excellent presentations.  Kevin Newsum, Jeff Rider, Mark Couvillion, and Mike Stephens as MC really put on an awesome show to a standing room only house.  Gentlemen, thanks for inviting me!

I made a video presentation, rented some LED wash fixtures, pointed them up at the ceiling, and lit up the club with colored light, busking along to the presentation.  I’ve included two videos below – the first video is the actual video presentation, and the second video is of the performance itself.  Watch the first video to see the content, because the performance video is a little blossomy with the white contrast.

I hope you enjoy the videos!  That was one of the most fun nights I’ve had in the last few years!

The video presentation:

The performance video:

SXSW This Weekend – Who’s Going?

What’s up, everybody?  Throw your hands in the ay-aa if you’re working long we-eeks:


The major question:
Who is going to be in Austin this weekend, who is going to be hanging out at SXSW, and what time are we getting together and what night?!  It’s hopefully gonna be a whirlwind weekend full of win.

If you’re in Austin this weekend and want to try and meet up, I’m gonna be trying to keep up with my tour of the town on Gowalla and at @jimonlight on Twitter.  Spontaneous moments of drinking and revelry are always and often appreciated.

On Monday, March 14 – 20×2!  I’m pretty excited about my presentation.  I’ll be posting it after the night is over.  So much anticipation!

Jim’s Gonna Be In 20×2 at SXSWi This Year!

What?!  OH YEAH!

I’m over here peeing in my pants about some emails that got bounced around this morning, and it looks like I’m gonna be participating in the 10th anniversary of 20×2 in Austin at the 2010 SXSW Interactive!  20×2 is an event that gives 20 invited speakers each 2 minutes to answer a question – like “What if?” or “What’s the big idea?” or this year’s question, “Who loves ya baby?”

It doesn’t matter how you answer the question, but you can apparently use video, music, interpretive dance, or any other method of getting your answer across – as long as it’s 2 minutes.  20×2 v10 is happening at The Ghost Room, March 15, 2010 from 7-9:30pm.  Are you going to SXSW?  Come listen to these people answer the question!

AAAA!  There’s gonna be some excellent people presenting this year – I am so excited!  Kevin Newsum, Jeff Rider, Mark Couvillion and the 20×2 people, thanks a lot!

Check out some past 20×2 performances on a variety of questions:

20×2 Live Sketchnoting from Mike Rohde on Vimeo.

SXSW 2009: 20×2 “What’s it gonna take?” from karen chu on Vimeo.

What’s the difference – 20×2 performance – SXSW 2008 @ Yahoo! Video

WOOHOO!  Who loves ya, baby?