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I was just pouring over some analytics for the website, and I noticed that saw almost half a million views in 2009.  That took my breath away, you awesome people!  Thank you so much for reading the site – it warms my heart more than I could ever express.  This is my favorite thing to do, and I hope that you all continue to read and contribute your ideas and links for stories.

I love to see what people read on the site – I’m rounding the corner of 1,300 posts and readers have left almost 2,000 comments.  What a day booster!  I went through and compiled a list of the most popular posts of 2009 – I’ve listed them below.  I hope you get to see something you missed before!’s Top 20 Posts of 2009

From #1:

  1. Attention Lighting Designers:  You MUST Read Texas House Bill 2649
  2.’s Guide to Christmas Lights, Part 1 – History
  3.’s Guide to Christmas Lights, Part 2 – Lamp Types and Sizes
  4. Page 2 of (yeah!)
  5. PRG’s Bad Boy
  6. posts tagged with “resources”
  7. Pussy Cat Dolls – Video by Naked
  8. the contact form
  9. Texas House Bill 2649 – What You Can Do
  10.’s Guide to Christmas Lights, Part 3 – Form Factors
  11. Texas House Bill 2649 Passes
  12. posts in the LED category
  13. DIY LED Hack – Ikea Table
  14. DIY LED Monitor Backlight
  15. page 3 of (woohooo!)
  16. posts tagged with “Chris Kuroda”
  17. posts tagged with “lighting toys”
  18. Big Clive’s DIY LED Floodlight
  19. Induction Lighting – 100,000 Lamp Hours
  20. New York City’s Empire State Building Lit for the 2008 Presidential Elections

I hope I am able to do right by the awesome readers of in 2010 – thanks for an awesome 2009!

    See You On The Flip Side, 2009!


    2009 is nearly done.  2010 is about to make its debut performance.  What are you doing tonight?

    One thing is certain – I’m glad to be starting a new year, fresh and with the potential for great things.  I have many things on my plate right now, and I hope to turn every one of those things into a success.  I hope that you have the same kind of goals too – and I wish you the best in rocking the freaking house!

    2010 is already shaping up to be a great year on – I have some big interviews in the next few weeks, video, and some new stuff we’re rolling out pretty soon.  One thing is certain, and that is the fact that readers rock! From the deepest part of my heart, thank you so much for reading the site, and for making the site need to have a private server to handle the amount of traffic gets every day.  Please keep sending me tips on articles I would like, please keep sending me your questions, and please keep letting me know when something gets messed up with the website.  I appreciate it all!

    I hope that you have a great New Year’s Eve with friends, family, and loved ones.  Let’s set our goals high for 2010 so when we look back on New Year’s Eve 2010 and say “man, we kicked some butt in 2010!”

    Remember, like I said last year and will continue to say this year – eat some bread or pasta or something with carbs in it to soak up all of that potential 2010 hangover!

    Thanks, Wikipedia!

    LDI 2009: Elation Lighting’s Booth

    One of my favorite booths this year, as in several previous years, has been the Elation Lighting booth.  It’s always ridiculously energetic, and it’s always in prime real estate at each show.  How did you guys get that spot?  Right up front?  I mean, you could not physically not see your booth if you were walking onto the show floor.  Crazy!

    I love Elation’s work on their LDI booths.  Good work, folks.  Also, I loved the Impression and Impression XL – I saw them in use on Chris Kuroda’s rig for Phish in Hamptop, VA back in March 2009.  They’re a pretty cool set of fixtures.

    Check out Elation’s booth pics:

    The Impression – pretty cool.









    LDI 2009 – Chauvet Lighting’s Booth


    I loved posting last year’s LDI pics of the booths I photographed.  It was like giving the people who couldn’t go a chance to see what it was all about!

    Every LDI, I am always amazed by the sheer magnitude of Chauvet Lighting‘s booth.  It’s always massive, it’s always a sunburst of color, and you can usually see it from just about anywhere in the convention center.  I also got to meet Navah, the girl behind @chauvetlighting on Twitter.  Great to meet you finally!

    Check out this booth!








    JimOnLight’s Top Five Posts for November


    I love reading the analyses of what you all like to read – every time I want to write one of these top five posts, I am always, always surprised!

    November 2009’s Top Five Posts, starting with the number 1 post for November:

    1. Robert Mokry and the BFL-192 LED Luminaire
    2. VLX:  Inside the New LED Marvel of Moving Lights
    3. Oh No They Didn’t:  Christmas Lighting Controller
    4., page 2!
    5. Art with Shadows:  Tim Noble and Sue Webster’s Trashy Shadows

    Thanks for reading, everyone!

    NEMA Index for Q2 2009 Is Even Lower. That Sucks.


    Well, excellent. </sarcasm>  The NEMA index is at a new low – a 4.3% drop over the terrible numbers from last quarter.  Hey, the awesome banker behavior that’s apparently still going on doesn’t affect absolutely everyone, does it?  From a press release at the National Lighting Bureau:

    Silver Spring, MD: The National Lighting Bureau (NLB) reports that second-quarter 2009 NEMA Lighting Systems Index data reveal an additional 4.3% drop from the first-quarter’s then-all-time-low performance. On a year-over-year basis, the Index plunged by almost 25%. And for the third consecutive quarter, no bright spots: Each covered equipment category posted lower inflation-adjusted shipments compared to the second quarter of 2008. Luminaire shipments were hardest hit.

    Established in 1998, the NEMA Lighting Systems Index is a composite measure of lamps, luminaires, ballasts, emergency lighting, exit signs, and other lighting products shipped nationally and internationally from the United States by the 450 companies that comprise the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), one of the National Lighting Bureau’s founding sponsors and creator of the enLIGHTen America communications campaign ( NEMA members manufacture a wide range of products used in the generation, transmission, distribution, and control of electricity, as well as innumerable end-use products in addition to those used in lighting. The value of NEMA members’ annual shipments totals $100 billion.

    The Index uses 2002 data for its 100-point benchmark; second-quarter 2009 performance receded to the 72-point level, its lowest ever.

    NLB Communications Director John P. Bachner commented that “the return of the residential market probably began during the second quarter, if not the first, but whatever optimism that uptick generates has to be tempered by recognition of continuing consumer frugality and a fragile labor market. Unfortunately, that situation could dampen the sales of energy-efficient lamps, like CFLs [compact fluorescents]. Even though they can save a small fortune over their useful lives, more energy-efficient lamps have a higher first cost that many consumers are just unwilling to accept right now.”

    Optimism about the return of the residential market also must be tempered by realities of the nonresidential market. According to NEMA Economic Analysis Director Brian Lego, the commercial real estate market is getting worse, not better. He noted that “office vacancy rates are fast-approaching the levels observed during the aftermath of the dot-com bust and 2001 recession as financial and business services companies have laid off scores of workers while the manufacturing sector’s downturn has produced a new record high in industrial vacancy rates…. Replacement demand for lighting as well as retrofitting to energy-efficient systems will be dampened as firms try to find short-term fixes to cut costs and restore profitability. Even as economic activity begins to recover within the next few quarters, the sheer amount of vacant office, industrial and retail space available will weigh on new construction activity, and by extension keep a lid on demand for nonresidential-use lighting equipment as late as 2011.”

    Bachner said he remains optimistic that lighting retrofits will energize the market sooner rather than later. He commented, “As much as we’ve talked about energy efficiency over the years, we’ve really only scratched the surface insofar as existing nonresidential
    buildings are concerned.” He said that the Bureau is in the process of completing several reviews of existing data that “are eye-opening, to say the least.”

    The NEMA Lighting Systems Index can be viewed at

    Solar Eclipse in China – Longest of the 21st Century

    On July 22 of this year, China and part of Asia saw the longest solar eclipse of this century – six minutes and 39 seconds long.  The next longest solar eclipse?  I certainly won’t see it, as it’s supposed to take place in 2132.  Maybe Bernie Madoff can see it when he gets out of prison.’s The Big Picture blog has some absolutely stellar (bwahahaa) images of the eclipse – I posted 3 smaller ones, but the blog has such better shots, if I do say so myself.  Also check out a small video below.

    solar eclipse

    solar eclipse

    solar eclipse

    solar eclipse

    April 2009’s Top Posts

    It’s been a while since I’ve listed the most liked posts from a month – there’s been a lot of news, and it’s kept me busy!  I always find it interesting to see what readers read most.

    To no surprise, and for yet another month, the #1 post is about PRG’s Bad Boy.  Congrats, PRG!

    2.   Posts tagged with “Chris Kuroda”

    3. Stickers!

    4.   Feast Your Eyes on Robe’s LIFI Fixture:  ROBIN 3 Plasma Spot

    5.   VLX:  Vari-Lite’s LED Wash Luminaire


    I hope that 2009 brings you everything you need and want – and hopefully some better politics, because America needs them!

    I will continue to write, and love every minute of it – sign up for my RSS feed, won’t you?  It’s in the top right!  The orange button!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!  And remember – eat some crackers, bread, or something that will soak up what’s left in your stomach.  Starting a new year with a hangover SUCKS!