Welcome to JimOnLight’s Resources page!

This is where I store files of all types for reference and easy access- console software, PDFs of manuals and guides, and anything else that gets suggested or requested.  Most of these will be PDFs for convenience, and obviously we hold no responsibility for your personal usage.  Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress, and I will constantly be adding items as I find them.

Got suggestions?  Contact me!

Hog OS:

Susan Rose’s Hog II Guide
The Hog II to Hog III Thesaurus
Cat West’s Whole Hog OS Quick Start Guide
Connecting Hog III PC to WYSIWYG
Hog 500/1000 Operator’s Manual
Whole Hog II Operator’s Manual

Avolites OS:

Pearl 2000/2004 Operator’s Manual
Pearl 2000 Rollacue Operator’s Manual

ETC Consoles:

Nancy Moeur’s awesome ETC Express Tutorial Version 1.0