3D Projection and Coordinated Light. Cool.

I got this Facebooked from my good old friend Mikey Husman out of Columbus, OH.  Mike and I have done tons of shows together, and Mike also works for a company called Alcatel-Lucent, who produced this ridiculously cool 3D video/shape projection installation.  Check it out:

From Mikey:

Mobile World Congress is over for a few months now, but we have a video so spectacular to share that we thought it was time to bring the topic back!  The video below is called “ENVISION : Step into the sensory box”. It illustrates the immersive experience Alcatel-Lucent was offering to its customers during last Mobile World Congress. This visual show was based on a video mapping created by the Superbien agency together with the New Media division from Auditoire Event Agency. Customers were invited to enter into a 3m x 3m square room and discover an artistic translation of Alcatel-Lucent’s MWC 2010 tagline: “Transforming the mobile experience.”

Ah, that was very cool.  Mikey, I miss you, dude!

New Naked Visual Eye Candy!

No, no no, I don’t mean ME naked, you perverts.  Who wants to see that anyway?

I mean NAKED, the awesome visual studio and motion company out of Paris – they did the PussyCat Dolls a while ago, and they’ve just been doing some unbelievable work.  You kinda have to check out the NAKED Compagnie website!

Check this out, and check out their Vimeo feed.  Pretty great!


Thanks, Naked!

Architainment in The Ukraine (Kharkov, to Be Exact)

One of the coolest people I know on the web, Mark Couvillion, sent me a link to this great video of some projected architainment in Kharkov, Ukraine.  Mark is one of the creators of the 20×2 Festival I participated in this year at SXSWi in Austin, and a helluva dude.

Thanks for the video, Mark – extremely awesome architainment projections!

Aron Altmark Rocks TheDailyCity.com’s Mobile Art Show

You see, Aron Altmark is a young guy I know – a lighting designer, student, and artist.  Aron is doing something right now that a pretty small handful of really talented young people are doing.  Aron is turning light, art, and his big geek brain into something that he can feel good about – and he’s involving the public in his exploits so that the world can see how great it is to be a geek.

It’s a shame – there are fewer true “geeks” in the world right now, and today’s college-age people as a majority are becoming less geekified.  What’s with that, people?

Aron just turned TheDailyCity.com’s “Mobile Art Show” into an interactive piece of art.  The Mobile Art Show is a pretty cool thing that The Daily City is doing around Orlando.  Think of it as a portable studio so that artists can sell their work – a U-Haul bobtail truck, parked in different places in the city.  Aron thought totally differently than the norm on this – instead of thinking inside the box[truck], Aron decided to literally go outside the box – turning the truck’s exterior into a projection surface for his real-time “Laser Graffiti.”  Aron’s work is an interactive light projection that tracks the movement of a laser on a surface.  That’s right.  What did you do today?

Aron’s work is forging himself a place in the future – this is what happens when you apply yourself.  Aron, we’re expecting pretty big stuff outta you, kid!  Great work.  I wanna see you conquer OpenFrameworks and Processing.

Check out the rest of Aron’s work on his Picasa account.  Thanks, Aron!

Martin Neuhaus’ Becherlicht – A Cup, Uh, Lamp?

This is an interesting project.  I am still not totally sure if I like it, but you can make your own decisions.

So, Martin Neuhaus’ lamp, Becherlicht, is a projection-type luminaire.  A source of light shines onto and through a transparent “cup” (I say that in quotes, but I think it’s really a cup” that projects onto a wall.  To me, the cup creates what looks like a shade shape onto the wall surface, which seems to be the point made by the designer, who wanted the “aha!” factor with the shade.  It attaches to the wall, as in the image below – but when it’s off, what exactly is it?

I like the idea of a projected “thing,” whether it be color, shape, whatever – but what I would hope is that I can put whatever the hell I want into that holder.  I want to stick a template in there, a colored glass, a plate, whatever I feel like.  It does come in a few colors.  I still want to put other stuff in that slot to create my own lamp.

Eh, to each his or her own.  I think it’s novel.  Make sure to check out Martin Neuhaus’ website.

Thanks, DesignBoom!

The Ingravid Festival and Telenoika’s Excellent Video Mapping

The Ingravid Festival in Spain saw a ridiculously interesting video mapping project this year – a group of artists called the Telenoika Cultural Association created this amazing composition using openFrameworks, a C++ toolkit that pretty much rules.

Just an FYI – the video is pretty long (about 20 minutes), but I promise it will be one of the better 20 minute sessions of your day.

Thanks Make, and thanks to Ryan Wilkinson for the heads up on this!

Telenoika Audiovisual Mapping @ Ingravid Festival, Figueres 9/2009 [FULL] from Telenoika on Vimeo.

3D Sand Projection – Amsterdam Filmmuseum

I just discovered this video about the official beginning of construction ceremony of the new Filmmuseum in Amsterdam.  The project won’t be completed until about 2011 (it’s officially the END of 2011).  Theo Watson and Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam produced a beautiful projection surface of sorts – it’s a 3D sculpture built completely of sand, around five meters by six meters (so approximately 16 feet by 19 feet).

Check out this video:

Gobos On The Andes Mountains

A project that was actually finished back in the mid-1990’s is getting some press in the last few days.  Lucy and Jorge Orta of Studio Orta took some very long-throw follow spots up into the Andes Mountains and projected templates onto the huge range, including some of Machu Picchu.

Studio Orta’s project, entitled “Imprints on the Andes“, is being displayed (in historical media, of course) at an exibition in Paris called Uninhabitable? Art of Extreme Environments.

You have to see these images – something that is so simple in principle certainly made some beautiful imagery.  I’ve been racking the Google trying to find this model of spot – does it look familiar to anyone?  It certainly appears to be a high output followspot of some sort, it’s got a boomerang on the top…










Thanks, BldgBlog and Gizmodo!

555 Kubik – A Facade Projection THIS BIG

I just read about an architectural projection project created by a company called Urban Screen – a building sized projection that really brings a sense of life to the architecture.  Daniel Rossa is the art director, and the project was realized using the MXWendler media server.  The quote listed on the Vimeo project page for the production, entitled 555 Kubik, is mentally stunning:

How would it be, if a house was dreaming.

From Urban Screen’s Vimeo page:

The conception of this project consistently derives from its underlying architecture – the theoretic conception and visual pattern of the Hamburg Kunsthalle. The Basic idea of narration was to dissolve and break through the strict architecture of O. M. Ungers “Galerie der Gegenwart”. Resultant permeabilty of the solid facade uncovers different interpretations of conception, geometry and aesthetics expressed through graphics and movement. A situation of reflexivity evolves – describing the constitution and spacious perception of this location by means of the building itself.

The short version, and directly following is the extended version:

555 KUBIK | facade projection | from urbanscreen on Vimeo.

555 KUBIK_ extended version from urbanscreen on Vimeo.

Thanks, Create Digital Motion, for the heads up on this project!

Epson and 3M’s Projected Video Spokesmodel


Have you seen this?  3M and Epson have teamed up to produce a projected animated window display/store display model that is projected upon a piece of 3M’s Vikuiti film.  This stuff is 0.3mm thick!  The idea is to make a film that can be stuck onto shop windows (and any other surface that The Limited or Abercrombie can come up with) and lure the wide eyed kiddies.  It’s a pretty interesting twist on an existing idea.

Check out this video:


3M vikuiti

Thanks, Ixiqi and Engadget!