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Pick Five Things Fixture Manufacturers Could Do Better

I’ve worked on both sides of the equation with respect to the manufacturer/user balance, and the question of which five things a fixture could improve upon ALWAYS comes up — I always love the discussion because everyone wants something different.   It’s honestly sometimes a special little hell from a product development standpoint, because usually, […]

Shooting in Playa Del Carmen at BPM Mexico 2017, 5 Dead

Five people killed in a shooting at Playa Del Carmen, Cancun, Mexico, fifteen hospitalized with various injuries.  This is the 2017 BPM Music Festival. Authorities are not calling this a terrorist attack.  What that means to Americans is that this doesn’t seem to be racially or politically motivated. Isn’t any attack on people who weren’t […]

300+ Reindeer Killed in Lightning Strike in Norway

Nature is a serious lady.  This is a bummer of a story, but it shows the power that Mother Nature harnesses with respect to light, in this case in the form of lightning. Last Friday (26 August 2016) in a large thunderstorm system in a private game reserve in Norway, an estimated 323 reindeer were […]

Incredible Photos of the San Clarita Valley Wildfire

A few weeks ago in the Sand Canyon/San Clarita Valley, south of Los Angeles, a wildfire pretty much gutted the valley — homes destroyed, property, vehicles, just pure havoc. This was quite an unfortunate fire; there are a very intriguing set of photographs of this fire, shot by David McNew of Getty Images.  I think […]

42 People Injured at Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa Show

42 people were confirmed to have been injured this weekend at a Snoop Dogg and Whiz Khalifa show in Camden, New Jersey at the BB&T Pavilion.  The tour is the Merry Jane Presents Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa: The High Road Tour — which is still kicking.  Reports from the scene said no one was […]