Ok, this might be the most awesome lego creation I’ve ever seen, and my best friend is 42 and has every frigging Star Wars lego thing ever invented. Meet the Lego Concert, from Mario Fabrio. Mario’s a bit of a Lego fan you could say… but his work? Even Greggus must bow in the face of Mario the Lego King!



























He’s also got a great oil rig in his pile of Lego marvel. Check it out.

Thanks, MOC Pages!

  • Tony C

    Epic. Every productions guy will buy their children this!

    • Adrian

      For such show, lead voc should have 3 wedges instead of 2. And where’s the keyboard’s wedge? Also, where are the sub-bass speakers? (should be standing right ahead the scene…)

      Anyway… it’s sick and I love it 😀

      • MAR5I1

        Pour info les sub y sont bien , regarde meiux la prochaine fois au lieu de critiquer

      • Sim

        In-ears 😉

        • Lolocross

          But please do not put any glass (even empty) near the mixing console !

          • jonn

            hahaha …rock on \m/

      • The subs look like they have been built in to the floor of the stage. You can see grating on either side of the stage. Maybe that’s them?

        • Agreed Jamie. The subs are definitely right under the front edge of the stage!

          • Phil Smith

            what do you mean subs? there is line array, subs dont have to be on the floor…

      • martin

        Callate salame! Existen los in ears para monitoreo, a ver como lo haces vos si te sale algo apenas parecido

      • Subs are under the stage and singers are using IEM’s so the floor wedges are really just for luxury or backup if there’s a problem with the packs.

      • William Lund

        They are on ears. Do not need wedges… 🙂

    • b

      Yeah, but then the ‘production guy’ will end up putting it all together… As always!

    • Liam

      Bugger the children I want it

    • AZaz09

      You’re just wrong about the children part..

    • hans

      yes, everybody would buy this for their children….. 😉

    • Joe

      Most production guys would probably buy themselves this!

  • Warwick

    Haha not for my kids but rather for me

  • Leslie

    I just want to know where I can buy one!

  • Tobias Latza

    Just Awesome. So Great. I’d like to buy this too!

  • Great crew – No one was smoking!

    • A couple was getting down on image 4 though….

    • CharlieB

      They were Smoking up on the truss spots or under stage !!!!!!

    • Argentina

      Pic 5 – 3rd guy, has just…

  • I did this with my son and blocks, 17 years ago! His Dad is a sound engineer and we taught him how “dad helps the men sing songs!!!”

    • william sowerby


  • Hollie

    I think that this might be the most awesome thing I’ve ver seen.

  • Daniel lourenco

    Where can you buy this set ??

  • emil


  • Beto bravo

    Yes yes !!!that’s fucking rock and roll…I need one!!!

  • tecnoshakes

    no fall arrest system for those riggers though…


  • Where’s the C wrench?

  • sound boyz

    no generators either….. haha

  • Where’s catering?

    • Jim Baker

      it’s a buy-out.

  • You can even see that’s it’s a Clair Brother production. Clair PA and Clair wedges. Very very cool!!!!

  • Anders

    Seriously! My jaws dropped so hard! 😀
    This should be submitted on LEGO Cuusoo… I’d buy this in a second if it was accepted as a kit! (www.lego.cuusoo.com)

    • bassman1973

      Who wouldn’t buy I would too

  • Kiko

    I like the fourth one, where they are fucking, better for children than pornos

  • anka

    whats the wifi code?

  • Fred Nerk

    Tiny performers made out of plastic. It’s a Kylie Minogue concert.

  • Matthew Choyce

    Okay. I really want this. Haha. I’m a sound engineer and this just makes me… So happy. Haha.

  • Keith

    Great design & implementation, Only thing missing is the obnoxious cell phone eyesores in the crowd. For another great display check out the one for Lucas Oil Stadium, made with 30000+ pieces, go to Bing and put in Lego of Lucas Oil Stadium. Cool thing was the roof actually opened & closed. Crowd & football game in progress.

  • Yours for only £899.00…

  • I want it please

  • “All in all it’s just another brick in the wall”

  • Mark Behrend

    I only wish my rigs looked so clean!
    This fracking rig is awesome!!

  • Justin

    Is this for sale? I am intreated in buying it from you.

  • Steve Smith

    Excellent… apart from the side by side double columns of line arrays!

  • Amazing! Made me remember my old days… How I miss Stage Miracles and Spot On!

  • Michael Little

    This is too damn cool!!!

  • Kim Mears

    Love it. But I don’t see any lams or pussy passes?!

  • Plastic, plastic and more plastic. Poor oceans.

  • that’s power of LEGO! Awesome:)

  • giulio

    Your are my idol!

  • Jc

    Wow this is awsome:) where i can buy this? I really like this kind of imagination.
    Big big like:-)

  • Yogi

    In-ear monitors, dude!

  • hans

    where´s the security staff?

  • cake2 bake

    This is really cool although i do agree image 4 is a bit naughty.!!!!

  • Rotta

    Which way to my f*cken dressing room – Jaz Coleman, Killing Joke

  • Cecilia

    But where are all the women? There are only four women in the pictures, all of them dressed in pink. One is having sex and the rest are in the choir. All the instrumentalists are men, as is the singer/main artist. As a female musician I am offended by this.

    • Marianne

      You are so right! It is funny, but it is a man’s thing again. Where are the female musicians, technicians and truckdrivers?

  • Moonkat

    There’s a woman in FoH

  • Mario_Fabrio

    I would like to thank all of those who supported my creation.

  • Chris Organ

    So I guess the guy ‘making out’ with the girl by the semi will need a lego ‘hard on’ before too long, easy just plug it on! This is one of the best things I have seen for ages. I wish my tours were like this. Please no one give Stageco any more ideas!!!

  • Is that lift basket Mini-Fig rated?????

  • paul smith

    Where is the monitor engineer? Also needs a bowl of lego m&m’s with the green ones taken out.

  • Mark

    Awesome!!! Now that’s what I call LEGO, turned up to eleven.

  • I love it! It’s missing the catering tent tho. 🙂

  • Lowell Cohen

    Where did you get the parts for this thing?!

  • Gary

    Lead vox prefers a stereo mix in the wedges and their vox and maybe bgv in their in-ear mons. Keyboard player is using in-ear monitors. Subs are incorporated in the line arrays or below the stage.


  • Jenny Alexander

    Don’t know if its for sale, I ran across this just surfing stage stuff. I would buy the kit too…and doesn’t it look like a couple of stagehands smoking on a steam roller in pic 4? I think that’s what I see. lol

  • Jeff

    didn’t see anybody taking drugs though?

  • Randy Taylor

    Finally a crowd I can see over from FOH…YEA!

  • Jana M.

    I love it and want it!!!

  • Very cool that all the stage crew are wearing hard-hats. We could learn from this!

  • WOW! Gotta love those nice line-arrays made of bricks! My 6-years-old son is often wondering what I do when I’am a tech. Now I can show him. Great work, really!

  • Steve Oakford

    Maybe the guys in N.C. should’ve taken some lessons from these kids before they put up their rig!

  • Michael

    Is it a lego my ego you can buy or just a bunch of legos you have to build it out of scratch?

  • Travis Fase


  • Rob Hulsmeyer

    Thanks for the great work! Love it!

  • Martyna

    Oh God… Guys, where I can buy this <3 ?!

  • The bricks alone which I used when making the stage are worth 2,000 Euro.
    Anybody still want to buy it?

  • Ryan Knox

    This is the most amazing lego creation I have ever seen. Is there any way to get the parts list and instruction for building the stage itself. I don’t need the band and I know some of the parts are hand made but if I could get any information that would be awesome. Thank you.

  • Chip Leonard

    Where can this be bought? I think my grandkids should have this