JOL Sunday Flickr

Writers among us all here might appreciate this more than others, but every Sunday that I write the Sunday JimOnLight Flickr Pool Photo Post, I always wonder to myself quietly [screaming] “how the f*ck did I title it last week?  Sunday Flickr Pool Post?  Sunday Flickr Pool Photo Group Post or some f–” you get the idea.  I think today I will start the trend of calling this post — *ahem* — JOL Sunday Flickr.

<dog fart>

Carrying right along here, I dug deep into the well for this Sunday’s JOL Sunday Flickr.  Have you ever just put the window on background black and flipped through the JimOnLight Flickr Group photos?

Nocturna Luminaria



4 of 365:  radiometer


The Mothership


Glorious Morning Startrail

the laser on the roof

Christmas at DePaul 2010

World's Largest Disco 2010

and my personal Sunday favorite: