A Huge 3D LED Cube Display

Holy crap.  Check this out:

The company that is making these is called Seekway, and it is a Chinese manufacturer – which has no office or contact information in this country.  Caveat emptor.

The Website Is Down

Well, it’s not down anymore…

A big thank you to everyone for your patience last night. We moved the site over to a new server and it went very well! There was minimal downtime, depending on what region you are in, it should have been no more than a few hours.

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LIGHT WARFARE!!! This is the COOLEST VIDEO You Will See All Day.

Thanks to my pal Alex Rugowski (@arugowski on Twitter), check out this absolutely brilliant Light Art video.  This is the coolest thing I have seen in a while!


Jay Shinn – Light Art Opening in Dallas, April 2, 2011

Are you familiar with Dallas area light artist Jay Shinn?  Jay is a light artist – his medium is light.  He is amazing at communicating within his chosen medium – which is a mix of light, paint, projections, sometimes geometry on several dimensions, and his work evokes a kind of transcendental peace when you view it; you can get lost in Jay’s work for a long time.  It’s hard to really nail down a style to Jay Shinn’s work, although it can be spread across the fields of several artists using paint and light.  To me, Jay Shinn’s work evokes feelings of a modern-day Dan Flavin, depth and focus like the work of Josef Albers, geometry that evokes Fritz Glarner‘s work, with the subtlety of Kazimir Malevich.


I’m going to be interviewing Jay soon, so look for the interview to hit JimOnLight.com soon!

I had the pleasure of attending this opening with Rick and Adri Hutton of InLight Gobos, who have been doing gobo work for Jay for a while now.  Such a fun time had by all!

Check out some of Jay’s work from that night, and click on one of the thumbnails below for a gallery view of the entire set of photos!

Gallery image view!

Thanks to Kristen Lee of Stella Shot Me for the great photos.