The Culmination of Hundreds of Hours of Awesome (Which I Think Means Sleep Deprivation)

So, The Wedding Singer opens tonight.  We had final dress last night, and tonight is the culmination of our collaboration.  This is what has kept me from the blog, which I apologize for, but you all know how it is when you’re designing a show:

I love photos captured in the middle of fast bright chases!  The photographer is one of my two favorite Oklahoma City photogs, Wendy Mutz.  Wendy is about 600% of the AWESOME, and is one hell of a photographer.  Go check out Wendy Mutz Photography and see what I mean.  If you’re in need of a photographer for shooting a show, concert, any kind of event period, you need a bad ass like Wendy.

If you’re on Facebook (maybe it should be ‘if you’re not on Facebook’ anymore, huh), then check out Wendy’s Facebook page!

Tickets are here.  I’m going to sit down here and work on my laptop for a few hours in peace and quiet.

A Cosmological Fantasia from BDH

Have you seen this un-freaking-believable bit of light and visual effects from The Wonders of the Universe series? Please, please take a few moments and watch some of this work!

A Cosmological Fantasia from BDH – Burrell Durrant Hifle on Vimeo.

The effects in the video are the artistic prowess of design house Burrell Durrant Hifle Design and Direction out of Bristol and London – two places I know well! Check out the project page for BDH’s Wonders of the Universe work – you will NOT be disappointed.

The Home Stretch – and More!

Hey!  11:11!

Good morning everyone – I hope this finds you well, busy, happy, and full of work! I myself am in that vein right now – I just closed one show, and I’m in techs for another show opening this weekend – a production of The Wedding Singer that will surely be enjoyable for everyone.  The great thing for me is that this is the last of a stretch of shows I have lead the lighting design team for, and after this I am spending all of my time writing and researching.  I have several articles in draft right now, product reviews (lasers, luminaires, control surfaces), hands-on video, and a new comedy series that I will be launching in the coming weeks.  I’m pretty excited about that, and I hope it gives you all a chuckle!

I appreciate the patience and diligence of the readers and the Community – I thank you from my heart for your patience!  Stay tuned!  This monster push of production is almost over for me, and my body is ready for a break!

Mac Millan’s Amazing DIY Raygun Props – STEAMPUNK!

I am so excited to bring this to the web!  I’m even more excited to put the work of a true DIY artisan out there to the world.  All I know is that you need to hire this guy if you have something that needs done like he can do.

I want you to meet Mac Millan – I met Mac at SETC 2011 in Atlanta this year when I was judging the Student Design competition.  I was so taken with Mac’s inventions that I asked for images and video so that the Community and the world could see the skill and mastery put into these devices that Mac built.

You might see these and say STEAMPUNK – I see them and say awesome.  Makers and DIY’ers, take notice!  These raygun props are electrified, illuminated, special effect pieces of genius.  Congratulations on a great project, Mac!

From the creator’s mouth:

Ok, let’s get this out of the way.


Yes, these are steampunk as hell, and while I love the aesthetics of a lot of what comes out of the steampunk culture I don’t wake up in the morning thinking about zeppelins (unless we’re talking about the sandwich, I’m always thinking about the sandwich).

Anyway, back to the matter at hand: three steampunk-as-hell rayguns. These were all built almost entirely out of found objects I had already accumulated in my apartment (I’m a packrat with expensive taste). The initial inspiration came from the silver Thor power drill seen in the smallest of the three rayguns; I inherited a similar drill from my Grandfather, and from the second I saw it I couldn’t help envisioning an art deco pistol of some sort. I purchased a duplicate to avoid destroying an heirloom, glued a photo enlarger I found on the street to the end and filled it with LEDs and flash cannons.

The second model is the orange and brown number, built on a Thor-Nado electric jackhammer purchased off Ebay in high school paired with a photo enlarger. The third is an ellipsoidal stage light and a photo enlarger salvaged from my high school. See a pattern yet? Again, the major structural components for all three were things I had lying around, I just glued and bolted them together and added blinky lights.

On the how and why: I’m a very hands-on learner, and working with my hands is how I clear my head. I wanted to learn more about motors, LEDs, lights and mechanics, so I started making rayguns. A desire to actually use some of the hundreds of pounds of industrial detritus filling my apartment may also have been involved. Specifics are for another day, but let me just say there was a lot of wire and glue involved. A LOT of glue. And let me just say, gluing a nonporous material to a nonporous material SUCKS.

Check out this video – Mac’s rayguns light up, they have smoke effects built in, and one of them fires a magic flash!

Mac Millan’s Steampunk Rayguns from Jim Hutchison on Vimeo.

Here’s a gallery of all of Mac’s three rayguns.  Click on a thumbnail and a gallery view will open up for you!

Sunday Flickr Group Photo Pool – Late Night Edition

Another week has gone by, another show has opened.  This last one meant a lot to me – I’ll be posting images soon.

You gotta check out the Flickr Group, though – very awesome and beautiful work has been posted over this last week.  Check it out!  Here’s a taste:

Blue Light Desk


The Fast Lane


The Jungle Book (A Dszungel Konyve)