Sunday Flickr Pool

Beautiful stuff this Sunday – I love seeing other photographers’ work!

Rainbow Stairs

Doors Open on the Right

M31 Andromeda Galaxy (NGC 224) Wide Field



4 of 365:  radiometer

Have a great week, everybody!

445 Nanometers.

One blue laser, 445nm, at 1W.
Five first-surface mirrors.
One right angle prism.
One lord lens.

Happy Sunday, everybody!

A Top of 2011 Message from

Hey, you got a minute or two? I want to say thanks to you! Watch this video:

Seriously now. I mean it, thank you. Let’s ROCK 2011!

(Holy Crap) HAPPY 2011!

Hey, did you know that it’s 2011?!  I had a project that started on December 27th and just finished up today.  NOW, finally, I am in 2011!

I cannot tell you how glad I am that we’re in a new calendar year.  Also, where in the hell did 2010 go, actually?
As long as I’m concerned, I’ve hit the ground running in this new decade, and it is on.

As my friend Lance says, as if he were still living in an apartment with Shakespeare, “Bring’t, 2011.”

Posts resume tomorrow morning.  Look forward to a video of me talking about something that’s been stuck in my brain.