Death Metal Christmas Lighting! AAAAAAA!

From the Daily What comes this crazy Death Metal Christmas lighting video – the music is Slayer’s “Raining Blood.”

I mean, of course it is, come on.  This just goes to show you that Christmas lights add pizazz to songs other than Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Mannheim Steamroller, I guess.

Sunday Flickr Pool

Back to work tomorrow, America. I hope that you had a relaxing, refreshing Turkey Day vacation! Let’s CRUSHIT!

Getting ready for the Holidays



Spinning with Neon

Camera Toss 81

Dancing Fountains

Check out the Flickr Group for more excellent photos of light!

Hourglass LED Traffic Light? Awesome!

Designer Thanva Tivawong has put out an interesting concept for traffic control signal lights – using the idea of a digital hour glass!  The same colors as we’re used to appear in Thanva’s design – green for go, amber/yellow for warning, and red for stop.

Red apparently also means “go ahead and barrel through the intersection, being a douche and almost always nearly causing an accident.”  It does at least here in Oklahoma City, and almost nowhere in the world as bad as Dallas, Texas.  Damn, people.

Check out these images of the concept – and thanks, Daphne, for sending these my way!

Lighting Engineer, or Lighting Crew Member, or Lighting Electrician

Check out this video – the Institute of Physics put this video out, which chronicles the day of a music festival being loaded in and executed.  The video is a UK music festival – the Ashfield Music Festival.

Thanks, IOP!’s Guide to Christmas Lights is BACK!

Oh yes, it is THAT TIME AGAIN, my friends!

It’s time for the Guide to Christmas Lights! This is the time of year when people dig out the crazy plastic Santas with sled and reindeer, the Frosty the Snowman yard art, and go to town getting all Clark W. Griswold all over their houses!

The Guide to Christmas Lights has been blessed with some pretty worldwide attention, having been read in 190 countries across the world.  We even got plagiarized by Gizmodo last year!  How crazy is THAT?!

I’ll be adding more parts this season – coming on Tuesday, November 30, I’ll post Part Five – Christmas Lighting MATH!  Until then, you can get caught up on the first four parts:

PART ONE:  The History of Christmas Lights

PART TWO:  Modern Christmas Light Lamp Types and Sizes

PART THREE:  Form Factors of Christmas Lights

PART FOUR:  Christmas Light Power and Safety

Stay tuned – more Guide to Christmas Lights parts coming up!

Black Friday. I Wish It Was Called LIGHT Friday!

Happy POST-TURKEY-DAY, folks!  They call this “Black Friday.”  What a drag!

I hope that you are all having post-tryptophan hangovers like me today – I didn’t get to spend Thanksgiving with my family this year, but I did get to hang out with three of the greatest people I have ever had the chance to know.  All in all, a great day (I did pretty much nothing most of the day) that ended with food, laughter, and good company.

If you’re on the road on a show this Thanksgiving weekend, I am especially hopeful that you were able to have some good times, laughter, and good company!

In honor of the “Black Friday” deals out there, I wanted to post some Amazon-specific deals on light-related and me-related stuffs for your enjoyment.  This is the kind of stuff I look at when having some retail therapy!


Logitech Harmony 1100 Universal Remote with Color Touch Screen

I have the Logitech DiNovo Mini remote, but I’ve been eyeing this one for a few months.  I have my desktop tower at home powering my 32″ LED TV, and I use it for everything from wysiwyg to watching Netflix and movies.  The Harmony 1100 is supposed to be pretty freaking awesome.

Coast LED Lenser HP8437 Focusing LED Flashlight X21

1300 lumens.  Almost 250 hours of battery life.  1500 feet on the beam.  This thing is definitely bad ass, which is also why I want one.

Amprobe ACD-16 PRO 1000A Red and Yellow Data-Logging Clamp-on Multimeter

A simple ammeter?  Not quite.  This clamp ammeter also has data logging capabilities, and you can hook it to a PC.  That, sir, is BA.

WBM 7-Inch Tall Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp

I like stuff that lights up – this Himalayan Salt Crystal lamp is pretty, it lights up (a bonus), and people claim that when lit, it’s a natural air cleaner.  I don’t know all about that, but I certainly know that they make pretty light inside your room!

Sekonic L-398A Light Meter (Black)

Everybody needs a goo incident/exposure meter.  I have a digital one, and I have a nice analogue one as well, with measurement needles and a dial.  I love to watch the needles quantify light and I love doing the conversions in my head – but you all knew I was a nerd, so it’s all good!

Sinometer Digital 4-Range 200,000 Lux Luxmeter, LX1330B

This inexpensive digital Luxmeter is a good stocking stuffer for any light lover in your life.  I have one, I’ve used it on a variety of projects with success.  It reads lux/footcandles, it operates on a silicon diode, and you can use it easily to read incident light or reflected light.  As students grow and learn about quantifying light, this is a great gift for them to learn the ropes of lighting measurement before going to get a nice Sekonic meter or another brand of your choice.  I highly recommend this item!

Philips 818655 Imageo CandleLight

This cool little light gadget from Philips is a cross between a low-output battery light and a votive candle with no fire.  Each “candle” charges in a base station that is build to house all parts of the system.  It’s kitchy, it’s neat, and they give off a nice, romantic glow.

OXO Candela DemiGlow Rechargeable LED Lights, set of 4

Another LED-powered candle replacement device, the OXO DemiGlow tealights set.  Same principle – chargeable base which doubles as a holder, nice, soft light, and a small form factor.  Kitchy?  Perhaps.  Interesting and different?  Of course!

Lumian Design LED Desk Light (built-in night light)

I find the form of this LED desklamp from Lumian Design pretty slimlined and unique – I’ve always been a fan of the shape of certain LED desklamps, especially after getting all gaga over Pablo Pardo’s “Brazzo” desklamp being on the show “Fringe.”

40 Watt – 1910 Edison Style – Nostalgic Antique Light Bulb – FerroWatt 1910N

I love, love, love these remakes of the original “squirrel cage” lamps – the filaments glow bright amber, and they make an excellent addition to ANY room, office, study, restaurant, or what-have-you.  These lamps are one of my favorite decorative light sources!

Sekonic L-758DR Light Meter (Black)

This is one of the nicer Sekonic exposure meters – and well worth the price.  Are there nicer ones?  Of course there are, and at a wide range of prices.  I’ve always kinda been partial to this model because it was my first light meter.  The L-758DR does incident readings, reflected readings, and it has a 1° spot meter.  All in all a good package!

Leica DISTO D3 Multi-function Laser Distance Meter

At some point in your life as a lighting professional, you need a good distance meter.  Those of us working in the business know that Leica distometers are among some of the best.  That’s really all that needs to be said about Leica distometers.  If you’re using a Fat Max laser meter or some other equivalent, give the series of Leica distometers a try.  I highly recommend them!

Fenix PD30R2 6 Level 235 Lumen LED Flashlight

The Fenix PD30 is a bright little flashlight!  235 field lumens, and several different modes make this a pretty cool addition to the road case.

Multi-Color E27 LED Light bulb w/ Remote

I get a fair amount of grief for posting this little E27 RGB LED spot with remote, but I don’t care – I have five of these little lamps, and they do just fine for the application they were designed for – residential pizazz lighting!  I have a few of them in uplight cans in my office lighting up my wall, I have a few at home in downlight cans to light up my apartment wall, and they’re a lot of fun.  The remote that comes with the lamp has several modes, colors, and intensity controls.  It’s a cheap little RGB LED spot, and I like it a lot.

Philips 69143/60/48 LivingColors Generation 2 Translucent Changing LED Lamp with Remote

I bought one of these Philips LivingColors generation 2 LED fixtures a few months ago, and I have it sitting atop of the bookshelf in my office.  It’s bright (really bright for its size), the remote includes a color picker and several hundred built-in color change settings, and as of today (November 26, 2010) it’s down 30 bucks on the Amazon site.  Check it out!

Philips 818564 LivingColors Mini Color-changing LED Ambiance Light, White

The Philips LivingColors Mini is the step-down from the larger, more expensive model above.  The remote is built-in to the side of the fixture as you see above, and it’s not clear like the original LivingColors series fixtures.  Still, a pretty cool and bright addition to whatever room you decide to color up!

Logitech diNovo Mini

This is the remote I currently have for interfacing my home desktop, which is the main computer I use for WYG, watching movies and TV shows, and rocking iTunes in my apartment.  This little thing is so freaking cool – if you use your home desktop like I use mine, it is a pretty efficient keyboard/mouse replacement.  Don’t get me wrong, you’re not gonna want to use this for word processing or anything like that, but it is certainly pretty great.

This is a short list, but I hope it was helpful! Check back for more lists as we get closer to Christmas!  Happy Black Friday, everybody!  I hope you find some sick deals!


Leonids Star Trails

Hey sky watchers, telescope nerds, and general light lovers everywhere – the Leonid Meteor Shower is tonight!

For those of you who remember last year’s shower, the Leonid shower for 2010 is going to extend from tonight (17th) into tomorrow (18th), and reports are estimating 20-30 visible tracks per hour.  However, we’ll have a brightly shining Gibbous moon tonight and tomorrow night, so you might not see much if you’re not country-bound and out of the way of the light pollution of the cities.

Check out the video podcast (I’m sorry, Vodcast) for Sky at Night Magazine, Volume 18 (I kid, I love you guys, SaN!):

Good star hunting!  Get out there and see something no one has ever seen before but you!

An Eye on San Francisco

I got some pretty interesting photos from photographer Amanda Lynne Ballard recently, and it’s impossible not to show these off.  Amanda apparently took a trip to San Francisco a while ago, and the below images of light and texture are the result.

Check them out, pretty cool work!  I’ve always admired her ability to capture light.

Beautiful.  Make sure to check out the rest of Amanda’s photography in her Flickr account.  Prepare to be stunned.

World Creativity Forum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Exciting times we live in, huh folks?

I just finished a light art installation for the World Creative Forum that is taking place here in Oklahoma City this week – pictures and video to follow soon.  The installation, entitled “Synapse,” is a 250-foot dynamic art piece – the idea behind it was to create a lighting installation reminiscent of being woken from a dream.  I cannot wait to get these videos and images processed so I can post them!

Sorry for the few days of no posts, I’ve been climbing out of a mound of work the size of a theatre.  But now, as they say, I am back in the saddle again!

A side note – one of the speakers at the World Creativity Forum is Pranav Mistry, the guy who invented the SixthSense computer interface.  You have GOT to check this out!

Jim’s a busy fella

Hi everyone, Jax here.  Jim asked me to let y’all know that he’s on a load-in for a big event at the convention center and is busy going crazy, so it’s going to be quiet here in the meantime.  He’ll be back soon!