Cree’s LMR-4 Modular LED

I have been so busy and accumulated so much content lately that I find myself playing catch up with some pretty great footage and images!

One such bunch of stuff is from LightFair 2010 in Las Vegas.  Tom Roberts gave me a pretty great introduction to Cree’s LMR-4 modular LED product.  I finally got the video cut together – check it out!  What a cool product!

And an update – Ginny from Cree made the following video about the LMR-4, which I recommend watching!

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  1. Ginny Skalski
    Ginny Skalski says:

    Thanks for this flashback to our booth at Lightfair. So awesome you had this footage archived and posted it. You have to take a look at the YouTube video I made about the module recently (timed with our announcement of CA Title 24 compliance) … I think you’ll get a good chuckle out of it. It explains, in a very light hearted way, how the heck our LED module can help. Watch it here:

  2. John Weishaar
    John Weishaar says:

    I’ve been playing with some samples and like what I see. Its a great plug and play product. So far I’ve only been using it in some retrofit stuff but hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll get to knock out some product based purely on this.

    Ginny, that cfl video is pure cheese. Gotta love it!

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