Patrick Woodroffe’s WYNN Hotel Lighting Design Photos

Peeps, I have so much content from LightFair 2010 that I am now getting to for your visual excitement – show floor, product reviews, interviews, photography, and general awesomesauce that’s up and coming in the next few days.  Las Vegas provides SO much good content!  Wait, is that an oxymoron?

This afternoon I have an excellent eye opener for you – hopefully that will blast you off into the day artistically! While in Las Vegas, everyone’s favorite luxess and JimOnLight.com’s official photog Amanda Lynne Ballard took some photos of the Wynn outdoor lighting garden attraction designed by Patrick Woodroffe and his team.  I really have nothing that I can possibly type that compares to the work she took, so here goes my shut mouth.  Enjoy!

A few favorites first, then an image gallery.  We got the image gallery set up so that you can comment on individual pictures now!

Thanks, Amanda Lynne!

All photos on this page are protected under an Attribution-NonCommercial-No-Derivitives license.  You can repost the photos and content as long as you give attribution to JimOnLight.com.  Photographer credit, unless otherwise noted, is Amanda Lynne Ballard.

  • http://CreeLEDRevolution.com Ginny Skalski

    Wow, sucks that I missed this. But I’m getting too old to stay out late. But thanks to Amanda, I still got to see the garden & get my beauty sleep. :oP

  • http://www.weinsteintalentgroup.com Beth

    The first time I saw this, it was after LDI 2006. I was with Doc Hough & Mr. Woodroffe. They spent the night dissecting the show, the plot, the board, the inspiration. I remember telling them to stop and just let me enjoy the beauty of what Patrick had created.