NuFormer Digital Media Turns a Building into a Building with a Heartbeat

This video is amazing.  I love love love this kind of architectural lighting – lots of people refer to this kind of work as “architainment.”  Frankly I like to just call it what it is, which is effing amazing.  Check out this video, thanks to awesome reader Kevin Jamison:

Projection on Buildings from NuFormer Projection on Vimeo.

Here’s a second video from NuFormer:

Projection on buildings – Live performance from NuFormer Projection on Vimeo.

Thanks Kevin!  You rock!

  • Ben

    Sorry to say that, but the first video isn’t real.
    This is all fake! Or maybe not fake, but that’s just a 3-D rendering pasted on a video footage.

    To bright to be true!

    Love you Jim, bye!

    • Jim

      Picture proof or you’re talking trash. Them’s the rules, bub!

  • Quidam

    I doubt this is a 3D rendering.
    Some kind of computer enhanced video capture, maybe, is it is indeed suspiciously bright and clean, but not some kind of rendering of the whole scene.

    I’ve had the chance to see something very similar – dynamic architectural projections (more video than real architectural lighting, btw, jim) – and I can assure you that it’s quite impressive.

    My point being : if this is some kind of ‘cheating’ promotional material, you can be assured they’re able to perform, live, something very close of it. So…
    Anyway you go, this IS amazing 😉

    ps : yeah, english is not my mother langage, so… sorry for bla,bla,bla.

  • Ben

    ok, ok…

    So now have a look at the first video at 03:33 and pause.
    Then on the second video, go 02:22.

    You see what I mean…

    First one is something like a promotional footage but far away from reality.
    Second one is reality…

  • Me

    For all the non-believers, here is NuFormer latest projection in Brussels: