The Back Pain Medicine Buzz Roundup

Well kids, I realized this weekend that I was not immortal anymore.  What a drag!  While working on my wife’s car this weekend, I turned my back muscles into a monkey’s fist knot.  You know, the monkey’s fist:

Ouch.  Also, pain meds and muscle relaxers is a combination that I don’t think I like.  I wish someone would have sent me a memo on how that was going to affect my ability to be conscious – I am SO SLEEPY!

I have so many links to share, and posts to schedule – but I have to sleep today.  I’ll post later, after I get over a bit of this medicine-head-iness.  In the mean time, I have posted a bunch of links to interesting stuff – check them out!

Also, in the process of screwing up my back this weekend, I learned the beauty of the underside of a Ford 4.1 liter 250 cid straight six cylinder engine once the oil pan is off.  You see, I am an engineering nerd too.  I’m actually a nerd, period.

Lamps and Product Links:

The Rambler Socket

Ikea Hack – Ikea’s Henna Light

Eco-Friendly Glowing Wallpaper – can it replace light bulbs?  The initial article here.

The Screen Light from The Emotion Lab

Interesting Lighting News:

The Musical Light Bulbs of Michael Vorfield

10 Reasons to Look Forward to Tooling Around with Visualist Tools in 2010

Boston’s Big Picture Blog’s pictures of the Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Using Lasers to Fight Mosquitoes (WTF!)

Our World May Be A Giant Hologram (also WTF!)

A Black Hole Simulator

Video of the solar eclipse that occurred in early February