Gobos On The Andes Mountains

A project that was actually finished back in the mid-1990’s is getting some press in the last few days.  Lucy and Jorge Orta of Studio Orta took some very long-throw follow spots up into the Andes Mountains and projected templates onto the huge range, including some of Machu Picchu.

Studio Orta’s project, entitled “Imprints on the Andes“, is being displayed (in historical media, of course) at an exibition in Paris called Uninhabitable? Art of Extreme Environments.

You have to see these images – something that is so simple in principle certainly made some beautiful imagery.  I’ve been racking the Google trying to find this model of spot – does it look familiar to anyone?  It certainly appears to be a high output followspot of some sort, it’s got a boomerang on the top…










Thanks, BldgBlog and Gizmodo!

  • Tom

    Hi Jim,
    This was done by a french rental company called Contre Jour.
    Maybe you can give them a call to find out , to me it looks like a really old Gladiator.
    Here’s their website:

  • Greg

    These are awesome!!!!!!
    and I think it says Comet at the end of the barrel in one picture.