Art with Shadows – Tim Noble and Sue Webster’s Trashy Shadows

Tim Noble and Sue Webster have created a series of pieces of art using garbage and light as the medium.  How do I mean?  Shadowplay.  Silhouette craziness.  Something that looks completely different in the light than it does in shadow  is how I mean.  Tim and Sue’s pieces have a spotlight shone on them, and the resulting images are displayed on the wall behind.

This series of works really gives food to the idea that “nothing is as it seems.”

Dark Stuff – 2008

dark stuff, 2008

Dirty White Trash (With Gulls) – 1998 – I especially like the touch of the seagulls in the lower center of the work.

dirty white trash

Real Life is Rubbish – 2002

life is rubbish

Check out more of Tim and Sue’s work hereThanks, Environmental Graffiti!