JimOnLight.com Stickers!

SWEET!  I now have the shipment of JimOnLight.com stickers!  If you want a sticker, contact me via the contact form and I’ll send you my address.  Send me one of those smaller letter envelopes, addressed, with a stamp on it, inside one of the regular letter sized envelopes, and I’ll send you one!  Some people call this a “self-addressed stamped envelope.”

YAY!  Contagious Graphics, you are awesome.  Tell them I sent you!



  • They seem rather ill-designed. Or un-.

    • Jim

      Well, thanks for stopping by and pooping on the party!

  • they seem rather like …your logo. kudos i say! makes sense to me.

  • Please try harder next time. Feel free to “RT” that.

  • Brian S

    Jim – you need to switch to yellow bulbs, as you seem to be attracting douches.

  • Jim

    Hey Joe, aren’t there other places you can exercise your excellent curmudgeon skills? I’m not sure why you decided to exact your negativity upon my space, but frankly, it’s unwelcome.