2008’s Most Exciting Concert Visuals

My wife sent me a link to AccentFeed’s article about the most exciting concert visuals of 2008.  You gotta check this out!

Carrie Solomon’s “Brooklyn Blinds”

Designer Carrie Solomon has put out a set of blinds that have perforations in them – not unlikke the “Better View” blinds that were put out by Elina Aalto, these blinds are made of Europly and make the light that is emitting through them “dance” in the space they’re shading.  From Carrie’s product page:

The pattern of abstraction here is borrowed from the bark of the London Plane trees residing in McCarren Park, Brooklyn. Random perforations are rendered into the wood, allowing small inlets of light to pierce through. As the sun shifts, the light dances. By night, those passing by the window from the outside will see lights moving from within the home.

DMX Processor 8000

I saw these at LDI (and I apparently did not win one via the card drawing that was held, sigh), and there is a press release pimping the new v3.0 software, and the fact that they’re shipping.  The DMX Processor 8000 is the new big bad wolf of DMX processing.  Get an expander, and you can do up to 16 universes.

From the product page:

The DMX Processor 8000 adds extraordinary DMX processing capabilities to the Wholehog line.  With no compromise to Flying Pig Systems’ exacting standards, its longevity, quality and innovation are assured to set new standards.

The Wholehog DMX processor 8000 provides the output power for Wholehog systems. The Wholehog Operating System doesn’t limit you to a fixed number of DMX channels – just add as many DMX processor 8000s as needed (along with an Ethernet switch) to supply the specified number of DMX universes for the production or installation.

With an unprecedented amount of computing power, the DMX Processor 8000 manages 16 DMX universes with ease while expanding the power and reliability of the Wholehog control system as a whole. By providing both standard XLR and Art-Net output at a steady rate, the possibilities for lighting design are truly endless with the DMX Processor 8000.


  • Eight 5-pin XLR DMX 512 outputs
  • Expandable to 16 via USB Expander or Widgets
  • Sixteen universes of DMX via Art-Net output
  • Powerful distributed processing of cross-fades and effects
  • Local interface with LCD screen and buttons for configuration and testing
  • DMX status and test facilities
  • All functions are configurable remotely
  • Firmware remotely upgradeable over network


  • 2.0 GHz Intel Dual Core processor with 1 GByte RAM and 1 GByte Flash
  • Gigabit ethernet
  • Dual Ether-Con connectors (Hog-Net and Art-Net)
  • White LED backlit graphic LCD for graphical user interface
  • Comprehensive LED status feedback
  • Connectors: 8 5-pin XLR, 1 EtherCon for Hog-Net, 1 EtherCon for Art-Net, 2 USB-A
  • Auto-ranging mains input (90-250V AC)
  • Locking IEC connector
  • Precision machined Aluminium panel with wear-resistant anoprinted legends
  • 1U 19″ rack unit, 11″ deep
  • Kensington Security Slot
  • Compatible with Wholehog 3, Road Hog Full Boar, Hog iPC, Hog 3PC
  • Happy Holidays from JimOnLight.com

    I’m taking the day off to celebrate with my wife.  Right now, I’m sitting in an airport at 6am waiting for a flight back home to see her.  I’m on my way back to Denver to spend the day with the coolest woman I know.

    I hope your holiday is just as cool as mine.  So, in celebration, here’s the coolest thing I could come up with on Christmas day:  Stevie Wonder playing Supersition on Sesame Street.

    Before you go to sleep… Remember, Santa Likes Bourbon!

    As you drift off to sleep dreaming of sugar plum fairies and all that stuff (or in an alcoholic coma from all of the egg nog you drank at the office holiday party or family party), I just want to say thank you for reading JimOnLight.com.  I hope everyone who reads my little blog knows how much I appreciate your readership…

    …and I hope that you all get that new console, moving light, media server, cable package, research and development grant, or market share that you wrote Santa about months ago!

    Happy Holidays!  Leave Santa some Woodford Reserve and a nice plate of cookies!

    Legos, Star Wars, and LEDs: A Winning Nerd Combination

    This one’s for my best friend Greggie.  Merry Christmas, brother.

    …and Merry Christmas to you, Hack-N-Mod!

    60,000 LEGOs, Hack-N-Mod sleek blue LEDs, and a whole bunch of free time, one LEGO Star Wars fan built this diorama – complete with At-Ats, storm troopers and all of the incredible details.  This project was four years and three thousand dollars in the making.

    HEY! ShowGun 2.5 is Shipping!

    Who’s buying me one?  Santa, can I append my list?!

    From the press release:

    Barco, a global leader in Video Lighting Solutions, announces the release of a new High End Systems automated luminaire.

    The new version of SHOWGUN, the SHOWGUN 2.5 automated luminaire, begins shipping today. SHOWGUN 2.5 offers 30 percent more photonic output than its predecessor via a new 2500-watt Philips MSR lamp source producing 130,000 lumens of light. High End Systems co-developed the lamp with Philips.

    The SHOWGUN 2.5 automated luminaire is a hybrid spot/wash beam combination which provides entertainment lighting design possibilities in three dimensions: first, in the air with hard or soft-edge beams; second, with images projected on the stage surface; and third, at the SHOWGUN fixture itself by using an innovative LED Tracking System. SHOWGUN 2.5 produces a true focused hard-edge (for projecting LithoPattern images) or brilliant soft-edge, without the need for two fixture types.

    The LED Tracking System encircles the lens, allowing the user to either match the color of the main output beam or to project a complementary color. The LED tracking system alone provides 5000 lumens of output.

    SHOWGUN is being specified on a number of televised awards shows, game shows, sports events and concert stages around the world. SHOWGUN 2.5 was recently unveiled in a sneak preview to the professional lighting industry at the LDI 2008 show in Las Vegas.

    Media contact:
    Debi Moen, marketing communications specialist
    Media & Entertainment Division, Barco Inc.
    +1.512.836.2242 x 1204

    Huge Christmas Tree Display How-To

    Oh Hack-N-Mod, how I love thee.  Check out this how-to video on how to have a massive rockin’ Christmas Tree display.  Also, give Hack-N-Mod a few moments of your time, and then come back to JimOnLight!

    Behind the Scenes – Holdman Christmas Display from Richard Holdman on Vimeo.

    Also, check out Richard Holdman’s site on building these massive projects.

    First Ever OLED Christmas Tree!

    Wait, shouldn’t this be a “Holiday Tree?”  Ha, just kidding.  It’s OLED!

    From the press release at GE:

    We haven’t quite achieved Rockefeller or National Christmas tree lighting status yet, but we’re well on our way,“ said Anil Duggal, who leads GE’s OLED program. “We hope GE’s OLED tree lighting will inspire and capture people’s imagination during the holidays on the limitless possibilities of this next generation lighting concept.”

    ”Customers will recognize that while this demonstration was more for holiday spirit and team camaraderie, it does reinforce how far OLED technology has come and how it is poised to revolutionize lighting and interior design,” says John Strainic, global product general manager with GE Consumer & Industrial, which will commercialize OLEDs for businesses and consumers in the coming years.

    OLEDs are thin, organic materials sandwiched between two electrodes, which illuminate when an electrical charge is applied. They represent the next evolution in lighting products. Their widespread design capabilities will provide an entirely different way for people to light their homes or businesses. Moreover, OLEDs have the potential to deliver dramatically improved levels of efficiency and environmental performance, while achieving the same quality of illumination found in traditional products in the marketplace today with less electrical power.

    Earlier this year, GE scientists achieved a major research milestone by demonstrating the world’s first roll-to-roll manufactured OLED lighting devices. This process for producing OLEDs has been likened to a newspaper printing process. Roll-to-roll manufacturing is seen as a key factor to making OLED lighting commercially viable in the general lighting industry.

    Duggal said, “We’re making great progress toward hitting the metrics needed to successfully introduce OLED lighting to market. We continue to make steady advances in efficiency, lifetime, and lighting-quality using device structures that can be made with roll-to-roll manufacturing, so that we’ll be able to introduce OLED lighting at an affordable price.”

    Finland Has “Idols,” and Showguns

    Did you know about this?  FInland has an “Idol” like show, and they’re using some Showguns and some Showpix in their rig.  From the press release from Barco (thanks, Debi!):

    The formula is the same: the wannabe stars sing their hearts out for a chance at being the final winner of the “Idol” title. The TV talent series has its own versions in countries around the world.   Finland’s 2008 “Idols” used 6 High End Systems SHOWGUN automated luminaries throughout the series, adding 10 SHOWPIX pixilation luminaires recently for the final broadcast. Moving Light Oy supplied the HES products.

    Lighting operator Mikki Kunttu says, “The SHOWGUN is really the best possible fixture for TV. I love that super high power beam it produces. Also, the strobes (beam and LED) are really amazing on TV. The SHOWGUNs are there for the power they have. They also add an extra dimension to the lighting, giving the stage more depth and more attitude.”