LDI – Robe’s Booth

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to spend much time checking out Robe‘s booth this year.  I went and got my badge scanned, and then I got whisked away by old friends.  Robe has been getting some good press with new product releases.  I’ve not ever had the chance to design with Robe fixtures, but I’d be open to a try.

In addition to the one pathetic image I took, there is a nice gallery on Robe’s website of LDI 2008.

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LDI – The LaserNet Booth

One of the more interesting visual displays at LDI came from the good folks at LaserNet, who had big ol’ green argon beams shooting all over the convention center!  When I walked onto the floor this year, I saw the LaserNet booth immediately, and made my way over.  It’s always one of my first stops, as I’m an old laser dork from back in the times of Real Genius.

Anyone remember that old flick?

Check out LaserNet’s website – they do all kinds of great looking production in the rainbow of laser colors.  The beam splitter to images and text is always a beautiful thing.

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The Price of LED Replacement Lamps

LED replacements are something that everyone *should* be interested in pursuing, simply because of their ridiculously long lamp life, color temperature, and lumens per watt to name a few reasons.  The major issue right now facing the LED market for items like replacement lamps is the price point.  Unfortunately, as awesome as LED replacement lamps are and for all of the “green” issues they solve, a major drawback to them is cost.  Especially in our deflated economy right now, price point is something that can and will drive LEDs out of range until the cost to the consumer comes down.

A case in point, Lighting Science has a relatively wide variety of LED replacement lamps of all base sizes and shape flavors.  Check out the Sol 38:

Now this is a very efficient, extremely cool looking LED R-type lamp replacement.  Cooling fins keep the heat low in environments that need it, and is a 15W lamp at 800 lumens in cool white.  It’s got a lamp life of 50,000 hours, and it replaces a 60W halogen.  But – and this is a big one – it’s $145.  That is a very, very high priced lamp.  What the bummer would be would be convincing the budget people that it’s a great investment, even though it is a great investment.  If you’re paying a couple of bucks for your R-lamps, trying to get these into your budget would be like getting AIG to stop having $400,000 “seminars.”

Lighting Science also has a replacement G11 base LED:

What a great concept – LED replacement G11 lamps!  Long standing installs, hard-to-get places, these are PERFECT.  They’re also $20 a pop – and if you need a few hundred of these…

I’m sure at some point in the future, LED replacements will be just as cheap as everything else that was once very expensive.  Right now, LED replacements are still a bit far out of reach for a lot of consumers.

Lighting Science, no one is picking on you, by the way.  Your products are quite frankly excellent.

The Creativity of Lamps

That’s right, LAMPS.  Not “light bulbs,” as my wife and I have oft discussed, because I am a big nerd.  Dark Roasted Blend posted an enormous post about lamps and a bunch of creative “edits” done in the vein of the subject of lamps.  You need to check it out!

The Shroom Lamp

Unless your “casual recreational use” of ‘shrooms back in the hayday has turned all lamps into mushrooms for you – and in which case I’m sorry – you’ll probably like this lamp, which is another installment of design by Jaime Salm and Katherine Wise.

The Shroom Lamp is designed as a tabletop lamp, with the light emanating from the 100% wool shade.  The Shroom Lamp is shown in the images with a CFL, which makes this lamp even more “earthen” in appearance – in this case, quite figuratively.

From the Shroom Lamp product page:

Designed as mood lighting for tabletop and floor use, Shroom lights are ideal as nightlights or in clusters around living areas. Their warm light and soft felt shade are inviting to both sight and touch.

Using traditional felt molding technologies and local manufacturers as a source of inspiration, the Shroom Light explores felt’s natural beauty as a material for diffusing light. Material density softens and directs light, producing relaxing atmospheres that range from the warm and relaxed to the psychedelic and fun.

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s “Pulse Park”

Make Mag has an article about the installation going on until November 17, 2008 by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.  The installation is called “Pulse Park,” and it is the simultaneous recording and interpreting of 200 heartbeats by light.  There are articles all over about this – NY Mag wrote one that describes the process and all goings on of the exhibit, and quotes Rafael:  “It’s meant to bring everyone together, to allow people to express some sort of agency in a public space. It’s by no means medical.”

That’s awesome.  So is this:

Rafael has also done exhibits called “Pulse Room” (in Mexico) and “Pulse Front” (in Toronto).  If you check out his portfolio site, there are videos listed of all of the exhibits.  Rafael, JimOnLight wants to say that your work is much appreciated.  The video of “Pulse Room” is very, very beautiful.  This link takes you to a QT movie of it.

LDI – Aqua Visual FX

Aqua Visual FX had a great booth at LDI this year.  For those of you who don’t know about Aqua Visual FX’s products, it’s basically a water billboard, with the images and text you want displayed shot down in sheets from a top point.  All the water is in a relatiovely closed circuit system, with the water being recycled once it reaches the bottom.  You’d think that all of that water hitting the ground would make a lot of noise, but because of the baffle-like filter at the receiving end of the water, it is very quiet.  I’ve seen a few of these in use at trade shows, but LDI’s display was my favorite.

I put together a really shaky animated GIF of the pics I took of the Aqua Visual FX booth, and I’ve posted some pics below.  Check it out, and check them out.  The gif is a little large – it should load itself and stop being shaky in a few seconds…

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LDI – Strong Lighting’s Booth

Here’s an image I took of Strong’s booth at LDI.  Lots of spotlights, and you could see them from pretty much any vantagepoint in the convention hall.

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For My Friend, and His First Time Sleeping on A Prevost

I have a friend who is out on his first tour right now, and he is having a really hard time adjusting to his schedule and sleeping on a rock-and-roll coach.  He’s on a Prevost, which I always thought was a nice bus, and sleeping came naturally – but he is having a hard time sleeping in his coffin-like bunk.

Nathan, the image below is for you.  Click for larger size.
Anyone got any advice for my friend?  Post in the comments.

Video of the Chinese Aquatic Center – The Watercube

From the post earlier about the big award the Watercube just won, here’s some video of the Watercube.  This is the kind of work that makes you wish you had a hand in it.

Also, check out this architect’s concept video of the Watercube: