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We Can Be Heroes, Just For One Day

Sometimes it's best to let the content do the talking. Have…
October 21, 2014/by Jim

Rube Goldberg Machine of Light

Dear Japanese marketing company who invented this video,…
October 13, 2014/by Jim

Simpsons Locales, Painted in Night, with A Dash of Creepy

You have to give it up to Tim Doyle.  Tim paints all kinds…
October 13, 2014/by Jim

The Daily Lamp – Dude Has His Leg Amputated, Turns It Into A Lamp

This might be the best thing ever, and most definitely the…
October 13, 2014/by Jim

JOL Sunday Flickr #26

Another weekend has come and gone...  now we need inspiration…
October 12, 2014/by Jim

Nikola Tesla Dood — Sarah Donner and the Oatmeal

October 6, 2014/by Jim

Thinking About the Future

I'm always thinking about the future.  This morning particularly…
October 6, 2014/by Jim

JOL Sunday Flickr #25

It's been quite a while since I've posted one of these.  I hope…
October 5, 2014/by Jim


It's dropping at PLASA in London in just a few short weeks, but…
September 24, 2014/by Jim

JimOnLight.com Recommends the ROGUE R2 Spot for the 2014 Parnelli Awards!

Ok, I'm blown away by this fixture, and I want to ask you,…
September 24, 2014/by Jim

Undulatus Asperatus – The ‘Holy Crap’ of Cloud Formations

I'm sitting here with the wife, and she gets my attention to…
September 21, 2014/by Jim


Oh yes indeed, kids!  The #ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE was accepted by…
August 25, 2014/by Jim
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