Confusion Through Sand – An Experimental Video on Recycled Paper

Something that not many people know about me:  Until I was…
January 23, 2015/by Jim

Prism Power – the ROGUE RH1 Hybrid Product Video

I love programming these videos.  I get to work with a real…
January 23, 2015/by Jim

Happy Birthday, James Watt (and JimOnLight)!

WHOA!  No way.  It's January 19 again, and that means that…
January 19, 2015/by Jim

Lighting Insights January – Jim Talks FOCUS PALETTES

FOCUS PALETTES!  Let's start out another year of educational…
January 8, 2015/by Jim

X-Rays of Lamps are BAD ASS!

Check this out -- an x-ray of some regular ol' incandescent lamps,…
January 2, 2015/by Jim

Do Carrots Improve Eyesight? No, No They Don’t.

Well, that old tale that we're all told as kids that if we…
January 2, 2015/by Jim

A Global Collection of New Years 2015 Fireworks

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm not one to do "resolutions,"…
January 1, 2015/by Jim

HAPPY 2015, WORLD!!!

YEAH! GOOD-BYE, 2014 -- and HELLO, 2015! I hope that…
January 1, 2015/by Jim

Paul Gregory of Focus Lighting Talks Times Square Ball History

I love to remember how the Times Square ball has changed over…
December 31, 2014/by Jim

Times Square Ball, Through the Ages! [Infographic]

Too cool, from the Lumec Blog!
December 31, 2014/by Jim

Meh Footage of LDI 2014

I take photos and video all over the damned place, especially…
December 29, 2014/by Jim

Santa’s On Tour, See Him TONIGHT ONLY! Norad Santa Tracker!

Ok kids (and patient parents waiting for said kids to get to…
December 24, 2014/by Jim
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